A group of hardcore Zack Snyder fans are really trying to get his original cut of Justice League released. Snyder's original cut was originally thought to be a myth until the director revealed that one really does exist earlier this year. Even before the concrete evidence, fans have been pressuring Warner Bros. to release the original cut for nearly two years now. Snyder left the movie right before reshoots were to begin after he lost his daughter to suicide in 2017.

Fans have set up rallies in front of Warner Bros., flown banners over the offices, and have amassed a sizable army online, which has caught the attention of Zack Snyder more than once. However, this is all relatively small when compared to the latest ploy to get Snyder's original Justice League cut out to the fans. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up and already earned over 100% of its initial lofty goal while raising awareness for suicide prevention in the process.

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The original goal of the Zack Snyder Justice League cut GoFundMe was $17,020. As of this writing, the goal has exceeded that and raised $17,045 from 275 people in just 29 days. This is pretty remarkable and shows just how dedicated DC fans are to Snyder and his contribution to the world of comic book movies. The campaign is entitled Project Comic-Con and aims to bring awareness to suicide prevention and the Snyder cut to this year's San Diego Comic-Con, which it will be able to do after fully funding its goal.

The money will be used to fly a banner over the convention for a few hours and will also allow for a booth to be present on the floor of the world-famous convention. Another portion of the funds will go into an ad in the Hollywood Reporter around the time of Comic-Con. Most importantly, half of the money will go to the America Federation for Suicide Prevention under the names of Snyder and his daughter. Even if the original Justice League cut never sees the light of day, DC fans have turned a situation many deemed as negative into something overwhelmingly positive.

This new campaign is already in addition to the $70,000 that has already been donated to the America Federation for Suicide Prevention from Zack Snyder fans. While it seems highly unlikely that Warner Bros. will ever let the Justice League Snyder Cut out officially, they may allow the director to put it out under the radar at some point, though it will be huge news. Hopefully the dedication from fans will allow for something like screenings and a possible Q&A from Snyder across the country or something similar, just to bring everything around full circle. You can head over to GoFundMe if you would like to donate to the cause.