A new teaser from Zack Snyder's Justice League brings a deeper look into the film's antagonist Darkseid, while also featuring new looks at Joker and the first glimpse at Deathstroke. The official premiere of Zack Snyder's Justice League arrives in almost a week, and these little teasers from the 4-hour-long superhero epic are just escalating the hype the film has already gained.

In the past few days, we have received individual teasers centered on every Justice League member starting with Batman and ending with Cyborg. As an homage, the film's title was accompanied by the corresponding superhero symbol instead of the JL logo. Shortly after getting Cyborg's teaser, we eceived another one featuring Darkseid and his warning against Earth's mightiest heroes.

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The new footage begins with a voice-over of Darkseid, where he claims to be the destroyer of a hundred thousand worlds, hinting at his plans for seeking vengeance against those who deprived him of his glory. This is an indication of Darkseid's defeat during the First War for Earth. This means Darkseid won't be just a commander sitting afar in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Despite the film focusing on Steppenwolf as the primary antagonist (working under his nephew Darkseid), Darkseid will have a more prominent role in the Snyder Cut than just an appearance in the first War for Earth.

The trailer also features a mind-blowing sequence withSuperman on his knees, possibly at the mercy of Darkseid, something allegorical to the sequence where Lex Luthor forces him to drop on his knees in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Everyone is aware of the Knightmare sequence in Zack Snyder's Justice League, which will be set in a time when Darkseid has successfully taken over and the world has mostly perished at the behest of a turned Superman. Superman on his knees in front of Darkseid could mean we'll actually see Superman succumb to the Anti-Life Equation, and witness his devastation of Earth.

There are also glimpses of Batman and The Flash, the latter of whom can be seen in his new Knightmare suit as well. But the biggest reveal of the teaser is the first look at Joe Manganiello's Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. Joe was initially cast in the role of Deathstroke for a post-credit cameo before returning in The Batman, which at the time was supposed to be a part of the DCEU. However, as the film got shelved, Joe lost hope to see himself return until Snyder asked him to join the cast for additional photography. The teaser confirms that Deathstroke will also appear in the Knightmare sequence, and hence, he shall be allying with Batman just like Jared Leto's Joker.

The teaser finally ended with Darkseid claiming, "all of the existence shall be mine", hinting at his brutal plans to wipe the planet of all hope and happiness. The teaser is a clear confirmation that Darkseid will make the biggest difference in the upcoming Snyder Cut. Until now, the film's premise suggests that the film's center plot would remain the same, where the League tries to stop Steppenwolf, but it seems Darkseid's presence will spawn a different storyline. Fans have desperately waited to see the big DC baddie appear on-screen, and this breathtakingly horrifying and ferocious take on the character will serve them right.

The teaser was reportedly released exclusively on Twitch, but no official YouTube channel or other social media handles of either HBO Max or the Snyder Cut have released the teaser yet. But, the fans, Snyder supporters, and DC enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to analyze the teaser frame-by-frame.

There are various fan theories, speculations, and expectations among the DC fandom with anticipations growing surrounding this reincarnation of Justice League by the second. Though most people are already familiar with the film's premise and even the deeper aspects of the story; however, fans are still eager to watch the unseen take on DC's Avengers counterparts as it was originally envisioned by Zack Snyder. In the last four years of the #releasethesnydercut movement, which eventually witnessed Snyder and the original cast of the film joining in its final year. Over these years, Snyder has already addressed his original plans for the film and all sequences he shot, and the film's connections to his DCEU vision now dubbed as Snyderverse.

But, despite having these details out in the open, the fans are still very much excited to witness Zack's passion-project in a finished state and are even hopeful that this one fan-favorite film would lead Warner Bros. to finally sanction Snyder's original storyline, eventually bringing us the whole Justice League Trilogy. The film is definitely going to be more brutal and given the R-Rating the Snyder Cut has received already hints at some ruthless violence and as Snyder has said, "without too many jokes". Furthermore, the film would further dig into individual personas of the members of the league and would explore them at both emotional and psychological levels.

The teaser seemed to be dedicated to the villains in Zack Snyder's Justice League. The film's take on the DC villains is already receiving much acclaim from the viewers and even the early critical appreciation towards the trailers has been positive. The manner in which Zack pertains to his characters is well-documented in his past works and his enthusiasm specifically for Snyder Cut is unequivocally enthralling. And Zack being awarded the first "Valiant Award" from Hollywood Critics Association proves that.

The wait for Zack Snyder's Justice League would end on March 18th, 2021, when the Snyder Cut will be made available to stream at HBO Max in territories the service is available in; while it will also be made available to rent or purchase digitally via different partners globally.