The Wikipedia page for Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League has been flagged for removal. The Snyder Cut just had a big weekend boost at San Diego Comic-Con where a plane flew over the annual event with a banner asking Warner Bros. to release the original cut of the movie. However, things are starting to heat up between moderators and contributing writers of Wikipedia. Some feel that a lengthy page dedicated solely to the Snyder cut is a bit much and unnecessary, while others believe it has the right to exist.

Wikipedia moderator Gargus-SCP feels that the Snyder Cut page is overkill since the original page for the movie has a pretty large section dedicated to it. The movement behind the cut has been overwhelmingly positive in that it also has been donating money and bringing attention to suicide awareness and prevention. With that being said, Gargus-SCP believes that Wikipedia article originator Fezmar9 is showing editorial bias. He explains.

"The page goes into such excessive detail on every tiny aspect of Zack Snyder's Justice League and its process in reaching theaters that it seems unlikely to interest or meaningfully inform anyone except dedicated fans of the director's work who are heavily invested in seeing the 'Snyder Cut' released. In fact, it also seems unlikely this subject rises to the standards of notability for such a minutely detailed article, and largely exists so it can be shared in celebration that Wikipedia thinks the Snyder Cut notable enough to deserve such a lengthy article. Smacks of fan bias at every turn."

Fezmar9 backed up the creation of the Zack Snyder Justice League cut Wikipedia page. The writer denies the bias claims and notes that there is criticism about the original cut within the page. The Snyder Cut is brought up on a weekly basis, with the director showing different parts of the production process on social media, which in turn gets his fans excited again. Fezmar9 had this to say when defending the page.

"Editor bias is a pretty bold claim. What bias do I have and what evidence do you have that I have one? I thought it was an interesting topic and decided to make an article about it. I felt I neutrally added information whether it was positive or negative.

Both the The Snyder Cut (2016-2017) and #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement sections include criticism paragraphs. If I was biased toward the subject, wouldn't I omit that information? And if you feel it contains any biases, wouldn't it be easier to just adjust the language you feel is biased than delete the whole article? I also feel the subject easily meets the WP:GNG.

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The article in its current state has 134 sources with TONS more out there, so the coverage is significant. The sources provided were also present on Justice League (film) which passed a GA nom so I assume they're considered reliable. None of the sources are first-party, so they're all independent of Warner, DC and Snyder. I see no validity to your nomination."

The Snyder Cut Wikipedia page is still up as of this writing, but that could change at any moment. For a movement that has gotten so big, it would seem like a page documenting it should have its own page and not just a section within the main Justice League page. There is a lot of information and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Warner Bros. did not bring any DC Films projects down to Comic-Con, but Zack Snyder fans made sure his cut of Justice League was represented. Zack Snyder treated fans over the weekend by letting them know Wonder Woman was going to be the one to behead Steppenwolf at the conclusion of his vision, which received some major attention and the director isn't done teasing. With that being said, the Wikipedia page documenting it all might not be up much longer. You can check out some of the arguments for and against taking the page down over at Wikipedia.

Kevin Burwick