Ben Affleck is having a rough time on the promotional tour for Justice League. All anybody wants to talk to the actor about is the Harvey Weinstein scandal, as well as Affleck's own personal experience with sexual misconduct. So, it should come as a welcome relief for the Batman star to end up in the news for something that doesn't involve sexual misconduct or starring in the upcoming standalone Batman movie. Instead, Affleck has been accused of stealing a batarang from the set and now Warner Bros. is billing him for the theft.

Stephen Colbert recently asked Ben Affleck if he got to keep any of the props he used on Justice League and as it turns out, Affleck jokingly said, "There was some other stuff that fell off the truck, like the batarangs and stuff." Apparently people noticed, and Affleck says he heard from the studio because of it. He explains.

"I kept getting these phone calls from the prop department, like, 'You sure you haven't found any of that stuff yet?'"

In the end, Affleck was billed for the batarang prop and claims that it was not cheap. The star defended his actions by saying that it technically isn't stealing if you get billed for the aforementioned item.

The Stephen Colbert interview was seen as more of a grilling by many who caught the piece. The batarang part of the interview was the least serious and Ben Affleck was thankful for the rest from the sexual misconduct accusations that have been swirling around the actor. Colbert did not ask the actor about Rose McGowan, the actress who accused Affleck of lying about his knowledge of Weinstein's alleged sexual assaults. However, Affleck dodged questions about McGowan's comments on The Today Show the next day.

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Justice League just opened in theaters this week and has been given very different reviews by critics and fans alike. Most fans of DC seem to be on board with the movie and even go as far as to claim that the movie is one of the best that the DCEU has ever produced. On the opposite end of the spectrum, many are trashing the movie and calling it slightly better than Batman v Superman, which really isn't saying much. In addition, original director Zack Snyder claims that he has not even seen the movie yet.

One has to wonder why Stephen Colbert didn't ask Ben Affleck about the cost of the batarang, after all, that's what we're all curious about. If Ben Affleck says that his bill from Warner Bros. was not cheap, it must be a decent amount of dough. We'll probably never know the true cost of the Justice League prop, but it's cool to know that even A-list actors like Ben Affleck need to nerd out every once in a while. You can check out video of the Stephen Colbert video below of Ben Affleck talking about his stolen batarang, courtesy of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's YouTube account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick