We now have even more, pretty compelling evidence that Superman is going to sport his classic black suit in Justice League. Actually, with this factored in, if Superman doesn't suit up in his black gear, it will be nothing shy of a disappointment. In any case, a new hat, of all things, seems to confirm that the black suit is going to appear in Justice League. Not only that, but it details how the suit will factor in, as well as possible details on the Superman's resurrection in the movie.

Warning: possible spoilers ahead for Justice League. A new Superman hat was recently listed on Superhero Stuff that mirrors Superman's black suit from The Death and Return of Superman storyline. The timing itself is pretty telling, considering Justice League comes out on November 17, but it's the description for the product provided by the website that really makes it seem as though we're going to see the suit appear in the movie. And we may also see the regeneration matrix that birthed Doomsday bring back Superman from the dead. Here's the description.

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"Our Superman Black Armor Justice League 39Thirty Fitted Hat is based on Superman's costume post-death: A black variation of the Superman suit adorned during his time in the regeneration matrix, a Kryptonian chamber that reversed the previously lethal effects of his protracted punch-em-up with Doomsday. In the film Justice League, it seems Superman's cinematic resurrection will parallel the hit comic story, considering he returns in a stylish black costume soon after a very tense fight with Doomsday."

Now, it doesn't sound like anyone at Superherostuff.com has seen Justice League, but that product description is pretty detailed. For one, it sounds very much like the same methodology employed by Lex Luthor to create Doomsday, the creature that killed Superman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, is the exact thing that will bring the hero back to life. It also sounds like, for still unexplained reasons, this is the suit Superman wears during his time in the regeneration matrix. Will he rock the suit after he comes back to life? That remains to be seen, but the case of Superman's death and return in the DCEU is starting to come together.

In case you aren't familiar, The Death and Return of Superman is one of the most famous comic book stories ever. Zack Snyder very loosely, and only in part, adapted it in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Superman is dead. Now he needs to return in Justice League. In the DC Comics storyline, upon his return, Superman sports a black suit, which was a pretty big deal because people had only really seen him in his classic red and blue. It's also well worth noting that Superman was featured with long, jet black hair, upon his return.

Henry Cavill is in Justice League. Superman is going to be alive again in the DCEU. And, all things considered, expect to see him in a black suit come November 17. You can check out the new black Superman hat for yourself over at Superherostuff.com.