Justice League: The New Frontier is going to have its exclusive world premiere at WonderCon, February 22-24 in San Francisco, California at the Moscone Center South, according to Comic Con.org, the official site for Wonder Con and the San Diego Comic Con. This will take place several months before the DVD goes on sale.

As special guests, both Darwyn Cooke and Bruce Timm will be on-hand to present the film. Cooke was the creator of the comic mini-series, DC: New Frontier which Justice League: The New Frontier is based on. Timm was the director behind the film, as well as numerous other DC cartoon adaptations, including Justice League and Batman Beyond.

Cooke's DC: The New Frontier was one of the hottest things to hit comics in 2005, winning an Eisner Award for Best Limited Series, and then later winning two more Eisners for Best Graphic Album-Reprint and Best Publication Design. The comic tells the story of DC's Silver Age heroes, including the Flash, Green Lantern and the formation of the Justice League of America, intermingled with American and world history. Also appearing in the series are DC's primary heroes, Superman, Batman and Robin and Wonder Woman, along with period heroes like the Blackhawks, the Challengers of the Unkown and the Suicide Squad.

The story was adapted as a part of Warner Bros. Animation's series of direct-to-DVD features, which also included 2007's Superman: Doomsday. Cooke's storyline and art style were used as the basis for the feature. Kyle MacLachlan voiced Superman, with Jeremy Sisto voicing Batman, Lucy Lawless playing Wonder Woman, David Boreanaz as Green Lantern and Neil Patrick Harris providing vocals for the Flash.