We are just a few months away from seeing the Justice League unite in live-action on the big screen for the very first time ever. We recently got a massive new trailer for the movie at San Diego Comic-Con which gave us a whole bunch of new footage to chew on ahead of the November 17, 2017, release date. Now, a condensed theatrical version of the trailer has arrived online, giving us some very brief snippets of footage and some brand new dialogue not featured in the Justice League Comic-Con trailer.

The condensed Justice League trailer, which comes to us courtesy of DC AlertTVShows, clocks in at 2 minutes and 34 seconds. That is quite a bit shorter than the massive 4-minute trailer that we got at SDCC, but this is a much more reasonable length to present in movie theaters and it pretty much gives the exact same feel the extended trailer did, just at a much more rapid pace with absolutely no breathing room. Plus, we get a new line in this version, with the "Honestly I think we're all gonna die" line, replaced with, "This is crazy. Fighting The Devil and his army, in Hell."

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In Justice League, the world is still dealing with Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday. Bruce Wayne/Batman reevaluates his extreme methods and begins reaching out to other heroes to assemble a team of crime-fighters to defend Earth from all kinds of threats. Like a giant alien with a huge planet-shattering hammer, for example. Together with Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Batman seeks out Cyborg, Barry Allen aka The Flash and the Atlantean warrior king known as Aquaman. They face off against Steppenwolf, who just so happens to be the second-in-command to alien warlord Darkseid, who is tasked with finding several artifacts that are hidden on Earth.

Joss Whedon is currently busy handling some reportedly extensive reshoots on Justice League as well as finishing up post-production on the superhero team up. Whedon had to take over for Zack Snyder recently as the Man of Steel director had to step away from the project over a personal tragedy. Considering that the movie is just three months away from arriving in theaters it sounds like the final cut of Justice League could be coming in just under the wire, but there's still plenty of time for Joss Whedon to get this thing where it needs to be.

Considering all of the good will that Warner Bros. managed to build for the DCEU with Wonder Woman over the summer, they must be hoping that they can continue that with Justice League. If they can double up and have another movie that isn't divisive and crushes at the box office, the sins of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad will be all but forgotten. Be sure to check out the theatrical trailer for Justice League for yourself below.