In the 80s, we were lucky to get one superhero movie a year featuring either a single Marvel or DC Comics character. Now, fans throw a fit if their latest comic book movie doesn't have at least a handful of iconic heroes fighting each other. Last week we saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which unleashes most of the main DCEU line-up. And this summer, Captain America: Civil War will have nearly all of Marvel characters taking a swing at each other. So, where does Hollywood go from here?

A DC and Marvel crossover movie, of course! Don't laugh, it has to happen. But surely won't in this lifetime. Perhaps in 3030 or 4015 we'll get to see who's strongest on screen, Captain America or Superman. It's the only logical next step to keep the summer spectacles coming. While we don't doubt it will happen sometime in the future, a proper DC and Marvel team-up movie is at least twenty, maybe even forty years away from its big red carpet premiere. Enter: Worlds Collide!

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Thanks to enterprising LA: Live Action Trailers, we have an idea what a DC and Marvel crossover movie might look like. They've culled existing footage from all of our favorite comic book movies in recent years and mashed them together to give us one epic trailer. And it does not skimp on the punching. So, who wins this fight?

We're not telling. Most of the trailer has select footage edited against its otherworld counterpart. We're treated to Iron Man dodging and fighting the Batwing. War Machine takes on Superman, which can't possibly be a fair fight. The Hulk and Wonder Woman get intimate. And The Flash races, who else, Quicksilver! It's pretty exciting and fun to watch, even if Disney and Warner Bros. are in no rush to share their respective properties.

The characters have met in the comic books. DC vs. Marvel Comics was a limited series that ran in the late 90s, and paired the two companies superheroes against each other. There was also 1976's Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man and 1981's Superman and Spider-Man. We doubt that match-up will happen on the big screen with the current actors, though, as Marvel had to fight hard to get Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. While we dream of what could be, check out this exciting fan made trailer.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange