The Pupstice League is out to rid the world of vacuum cleaners in the new hilariously adorable video parodying the Justice League. The timing is just about right for the new video featuring the super dogs since Justice League is less than a month away and fans are clamoring to get any kind of information about the upcoming movie, no matter how big or small, so this new video for Loot Crate should do the trick for some much-needed comic relief. Justice League is tracking to be a homerun at the box office and it's so big that dogs are getting into the action to pay tribute by standing up for justice as well as sitting and rolling over.

The Pupstice League video was set up and made by Loot Crate Studios to promote their November offerings, which just happen to coincide with, you guessed it: Justice League. The video includes a black pug as Batman, a collie as Wonder Woman, a bulldog as Aquaman, a wiener dog as Flash, a second pug as Alfred, and a terrier as Cyborg. These pups must unite against a true evil... the vacuum cleaner. But, this trailer delivers something that Justice League has continuously failed to do, which is finally unveil Superman at the end.

The trailer is definitely not a shot-for-shot remake of any of the original Justice League trailers, but it does feature dialogue from the Ben Affleck's Batman as well as some of the sound effects from the movie. In addition, the Pupstice League shows each hero standing alone in a very dramatic fashion before going into battle with the evil vacuum cleaner. Forget Steppenwolf, everybody knows that a dog's mortal enemy above all else is the dreaded vacuum cleaner and here we see it in all of its villainous glory, attachments and all.

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The Pupstice League has some stellar voice talent as well. Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead) voices the adorable Batpug, while Stephen Kramer Glickman (Big Time RushStorks) voices four of the heroic pups, including Aquadog, Cybork, Alfred, and Superbub. Todd Haberkorn (Voltron: Legendary DefenderDragon Ball Z) voices The Fluff, while Michele Specht (Dynasty WarriorsStar Trek Continues) voices Wonderpup. The owner is voiced by Jennifer Wenger. Pupstice League is from director/co-writer Julian Higgins (Deadpool: The Musical), co-writer Stephen Kramer Glickman and producer Jamie Parslow.

While we have to wait until November 17th to finally see Justice League on the big screen, we can watch the Pupstice League right now. It has been reported that the Pupstice League did not suffer through rewrites and extensive reshoots to get finished, which also give the canine superheroes a paw up on the real superhero movie. So, sit back, forget about reshoots, characters getting cut out, Ben Affleck's Batman, and whatever other DCEU drama you can think of and watch the Pupstice League unite to fight against the villainous vacuum cleaner and its deadly attachments below, courtesy of the The Loot Crate Studios' YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick