Last week, AT&T finalized its $85 billion merger with Time Warner, which puts the Warner Bros. film studio under AT&T's umbrella, and Justice League fans have wasted no time in lobbying for Zack Snyder's cut to be released. A handful of Twitter users have reached out to official AT&T Twitter handles to release the Zack Snyder cut, just days after the acquisition was finalized. To their credit, the AT&T customer service Twitter account (@ATTCares) even took the time to respond to some of these fans, although their responses don't offer any sure-fire indications that the Snyder cut will be released.

Some aren't even convinced that there is a full "Snyder cut" of Justice League, but those who do have seemingly no intention of giving up this quest to release this cut to the public. These tweets to AT&T customer service included the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, which is included in tweets from hordes of fans lobbying for the release of this Zack Snyder cut, which includes a "celebration" that spans the next four Fridays where fans will watch Man of Steel (June 22), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (June 29), Suicide Squad (July 6) and Justice League (July 13), which also leads up to San Diego Comic-Con, where many fans believe the Snyder Cut release will be officially announced, although that hasn't been confirmed.

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Zack Snyder retained sole directing credit on Justice League, although a portion of the film was directed by Joss Whedon, who did retain a screenwriting credit for his work on the script during reshoots. Snyder was working through a family tragedy that he had kept hidden from the press, when the surprise announcement came that he was leaving the project to be close to his family, with Joss Whedon taking over as director while also re-working the script. Snyder himself has supported the cut being released, despite some not even believing it actually exists.

Shortly after Justice League's release last November, angry DC fans started a petition that had over 250,000 signatures, demanding that Warner Bros. release the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Snyder himself supported the petition, as did Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner, while a stunt double also revealed that a Snyder cut does exist. Fans even went so far in January to stage a peaceful protest outside the Warner Bros. studio lot, but despite all of these efforts, the Snyder Cut has not yet been released.

Justice League was a disappointment at the box office, taking in $229 million domestic and $657.9 million worldwide, which were both franchise-low tallies for the DCEU. Warner Bros. has not yet confirmed whether or not a sequel will be happening, with the next DCEU movie, Aquaman, slated to hit theaters on December 21. Other DCEU projectsGreen Lantern Corps are still moving forward, but there is no updates on other projects like Flashpoint and Cyborg as of yet. Take a look at some of the tweets from Snyder Cut fans asking AT&T to release this long-awaited cut of Justice League.