We finally have a proper look at Darkseid from Justice League, who would have appeared in the movie had Zack Snyder had it his way. As DC fans are surely aware at this point, Snyder most certainly did not have it his way and the version that made its way to theaters was incredibly distant from what he originally intended. Slowly but surely, over the last year and a half, the filmmaker has been teasing what could have been on social media, but this may well be his biggest tease to date.

In honor of Father's Day, Zack Snyder took to Vero, the niche social media account he's very active on, in order to share this glimpse of the villain Darkseid. The image features a younger version of the character off in the distance set against an epic battlefield forming behind him in the background. It doesn't offer a detailed look at the character, but it's absolute proof that he was going to show up in Justice League before the Snyderverse got derailed. The image was shared with the following caption.

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"Speaking of Father's Day. Here's the king daddy #UxasandtheAntilife."

Uxas, for those who may not know, refers to Prince Uxas, aka the figure that Darkseid was before he took on his evil identity. As for the Anti-Life bit of the hashtag, that refers to the Anti-Life Equation, which was going to come into play in Justice League 2, had things moved forward. It would have been used on Superman to turn him evil. Darkseid, who would have been played by actor Ray Porter, was also going to kill Lois Lane. This all helps to explain the unresolved Knightmare sequence from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Loose ends that Snyder never got to tie up.

The full scope of the director's plans has never been revealed, but Justice League would have been a very different movie that would have set up Darkseid as the big bad for a direct sequel, which would have actually hit theaters last week, had Warner Bros. stuck to their guns. Instead, the backlash against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice resulted in the studio no longer trusting totally in Zack Snyder's vision. That created tension during the filming of Justice League before Snyder left the project entirely. Joss Whedon was brought in to handle rewrites and reshoots that were very costly. That ultimately led to a Frankenstein's monster version of the movie that hit theaters in 2017.

Ever since the movie was released, many DC fans have been calling for Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League. There's still some debate as to how possible that may be. Though, the filmmaker himself did say that the version he originally wanted had to be rewritten significantly after the BvS fallout. In any event, we're probably never going to see anything more than what winds up making its way onto social media here and there. Be sure to check out the image below, which was originally shared via Zack Snyder's Vero.