It has widely been reported that hardcore DC fans have started a petition to get Zack Snyder's original cut of Justice League released. Now, Zack Snyder has given this campaign his stamp of approval, liking a post on social media that promotes the movement. The report comes after Snyder revealed, also on social media, that he has not yet seen Justice League. That it pains him to know he was unable to finish what he started with Man of Steel and {Batman V Superman{. The change of directors during production took the project down a negative path, and seems to be the primary focus of most negative reviews.

Zack Snyder took to his social media platform of choice, Vero, to like a post promoting the petition, to have his cut of Justice League released to the hardcore DC devotees. A Snyder fan took a screenshot of the Vero likes and revealed that Snyder liked the post. As of this writing, the petition has over 100,000 signatures after setting an initial goal of 25,000. It isn't clear at this time if Snyder has gone onto the petition site to sign for his cut, but stranger things have happened.

It has also been reported that Zack Snyder's son Jett went and saw Justice League and enjoyed it, but had some notes that criticize the overuse of humor and Warner Bros.' "meddling" with the end result. Granted, it's not Zack Snyder saying what Jett said, but one has to wonder if the director feels the same way. After all, he has yet to see the finished movie and claims that he hasn't seen any of it since he left the project back in May.

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Speaking of Warner Bros.' so-called "meddling," Joss Whedon even took some time to throw some subtle shade towards the project by liking a post on social media that criticized the overuse of CGI on the villainous Steppenwolf. The tweet in question was pretty mean spirited and Whedon received some heat for liking the post from other angry DC fans, which can't be bothered to be happy with much. One irate fan took to Twitter to say, "Your fingerprints are all over this film & you had yet to voice out any kind of support for it. You are despicable & you have singlehandedly ruined Zack Snyder's Justice League."

These liked posts on social media could be a passive aggressive way for Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon to throw some shade towards Warner Bros., but what many seem to neglect is that they can also be an act of defiance and sarcastic humor, trolling the trolls. The hardcore DC fans are taking every word uttered or tweeted as the gospel when it could just be two friendly directors having some fun, having a laugh at themselves. Whatever the case may be, DC fans are pretty angry about both social media incidents involving both directors. You can check out the screenshot of Zack Snyder liking the social Vero post below, courtesy of Roberto Mata's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick