Due to the WGA strike, production has been pushed back on George Miller's Justice League of Americafilm, which has affected the jobs of numerous individuals in the film industry. On their respective websites, Richard Norton, the fight choreographer, and Daniel James Cox, each announced that their jobs were on hold until at least July.

On his personal website, Norton stated:

Well, Just received word that Justice League of America movie has been pushed back until July, which technically means I am unemployed, again! Hah, what a business I am in.

Meanwhile, on his blog, Cox wrote:

It's unfortunate, but the Writer's strike has delayed further pre-production on the Justice League of America movie (i was working on it as a concept artist/illustrator) until later in the year. as a comic fan, i'm happy because the script does need another rewrite. however, the art dept has been doing some amazing artwork, so the team and I will all assemble back at Fox Studios in June/July to pick up where we left off!

Justice League of America has attracted a great deal of attention as casting rumors swirled around the production. While a more or less complete cast list had been assembled, though never officially announced by Warner Bros., it seems likely now that some of the actors attached to the film may have moved on to other projects.