If Tom Cruise won't agree to step into the octagon for a legitimate fight against Justin Bieber, Jackass star Steven "Steve-O" Glover says he will. "I'm sick of being overlooked for my potential as a cagefighter," Steve-O recently revealed to TMZ, then claiming he spoke with UFC head Dana White about potentially getting involved. While it's difficult to tell just how serious Steve-O is, the actor and daredevil claims he and White agreed Steve-O will be the guy to fight Bieber if Cruise doesn't accept the challenge. While Steve-O stops short of saying he would definitely win the matchup, he emphasizes his ability to take a severe beating without backing down. "If he were to get me in a choke, I wouldn't tap. I would go to sleep," he emphatically stated.

This whole strange saga first began with a tweet posted to Bieber's official Twitter account. "I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to a fight in the octagon," the tweet bluntly states, inferring Cruise is "scared" if he doesn't accept the offer. Famous MMA fighter Conor McGregor became involved soon afterward, saying he'll personally host the fight if Cruise were to take the challenge. While TomCruise never officially responded to the fight one way or the other in a public manner, Dana White teased he had received word the actor would be willing to actually fight. WIth McGregor and White both commenting on the potential bout, the story would remain in the headlines for some time to come as people began to believe it may really happen.

However, even if Tom Cruise were to actually agree to fight Bieber, it doesn't appear the latter is in fact interested. When the challenge went viral, Bieber later backtracked on the challenge, insisting the tweet was only meant to be a joke and nothing more. "I think he would probably whoop my ass," Justin Bieber admitted to TMZ, confessing he had no confidence in defeating Cruise in a genuine fight. Whether he really was joking or had just changed his mind after thinking more about the challenge is up for you to decide.

As for Steve-O, there's no denying that the man's body is built for punishment. The outlandish and incredibly dangerous stunts he performed on Jackass and Wild Boyz shows how there's almost nothing Steve-O wouldn't do for the sake of entertaining others. Per his own insistence, Steve-O has also had Mike Tyson break his nose at The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen by simply holding his fist out so Steve-O could jump into it with his face. Someone so eager to be socked by Tyson is definitely a person unafraid to step into the octagon against anyone.

All of these random fight challenges between celebrities feel like they come straight from an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch. It doesn't seem likely we'll ever actually see any of these possible matches make it to the octagon, but fun can be found in imagining how they may play out. We'll see if Bieber responds to Steve-O's challenge or if any other oddball celebrity names are added into the mix next. This information comes to us from

TMZSports on YouTube.