Screenwriter Justin Marks recently chatted with Newsarama about his two upcoming film projects, the video game adaptation Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li and horror comicbook adaptation Hack/Slash.

Here's what he had to say about Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li:

Well the guy who wrote it, Steven E. de Souza was the writer on Die Hard, and directed it [the 1994 Street Fighter movie] too, I think it was just a function of what you see with movies like Batman and Robin opposed to Batman Begins, the creators of the former had a different Batman experience when they were young the 60's TV show, and now in the Nolen era, the influence are things like Millar's The Dark Knight Returns, and so that example is taken into the stratosphere. While I'm definitely not comparing Street Fighter to Batman Begins, I grew up with the Street Fighter games, and I don't see them as cheesy or funny, but as serious characters that deserve to be explored in their own right.

Here's what he added about Hack/Slash:

It won't be an origin story, per se, but the origin will be covered. I think you'll see the Lunch Lady as well as Cassie and Vlad. But we wanted to do something very different, because this is the first chance to see a slasher movie where there is more then one slasher! Because it follows a hunter, you're going with her and her accomplice as they go from one to another, and building out the mythology of how this world works with its undead slashers. Cassie is a wonderful character, the one that Tim [Seeley] created and this is a character based movie, your going to get to know the people who are surviving or dying. I've been pulling lines, moments and scenes from the comics leading up to the numbered run that fans will notice.

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