Justin Theroux, who worked on the script for Tropic Thunder with Robert Downey, Jr., has now gotten the opportunity to work on the script for Iron Man 2. Theroux gave an interview to UGO where he discusses the sequel script, including the involvement of the character Jim Rhodes and the casting of Don Cheadle versus Terrence Howard.

When asked about whether the size of the role was altered, and if that had anything to do with Howard's departure, Theroux responded "No, that's all nonsense. Whatever their reason is, I'll leave that up to Marvel. We're writing the thing, virtually the same for Rhodey that we would for any actor. We're really taking what's going to be the most interesting story for the fans, and what are they going to enjoy watching. And who ever's in that part is going to have to play that part and make it work for Jon (Favreau) and the fans who are watching the movie."

Theroux also discussed the challenge of integrating Iron Man 2 into the greater Marvel film universe. "I think we're all sort of conscious of the fact that all these people...it is the Marvel universe, but that's really about as far as we've been made...they haven't given us any instruction as far as we want you to do this or we want you to do that. And really it's not really a they/us kind of environment, the way they work. It's just a bunch of guys and girls sitting in a room, trying to come up with stuff and doing what's right for the movie and what, at the end of the day, is going to be the most interesting film that can be made. Kind of a fun film. I think once we're sort of locked on that we'll be able to think about how we can thread things through. There's a couple little things that we've been working on, but it's not that we've been taking meetings with The Avengers people. It's not like we're six screenwriters sitting in a room from each movie and thinking about how we're gonna work on each other's things."

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