Voting early has not paid off for pop superstar and sometime actor Justin Timberlake. The man is under investigation by authorities for making one very unwise decision. He took a voting booth selfie. And now, he could face jail time.

A spokesperson for the Shelby County District Attorney's Office claims that Justin Timberlake did a very bad thing when he posted an image of himself on Instagram taking advantage of an early voting booth. According to The Independent, Timberlake was trying to convince his 37 million Instagram followed that they should get out and vote on November 8. He said this on his now deleted Instagram post this past Monday.

"Hey! You! Yeah, YOU! I just flew from LA to Memphis to #rockthevote !!! No excuses, my good people There could be early voting in your town too. If not, November 8th! Choose to have a voice! If you don't, then we can't HEAR YOU! Get out and VOTE! #excerciseyourrighttovote."

Voting might be what actually gets the pop star in trouble. It appears the 35-year-old may have violated a newly instated law in his home state of Tennessee. Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill into law last year banning photos and videos at voting booths. The spokesman for Shelby County went onto say this:

"The Shelby County District Attorney's Office was made aware of a possible violation of election law. The DA's office is currently reviewing these allegations."

If found guilty, Justin Timberlake could spend up to as much as 30 days behind bars. Violating this election law is a class C misdemeanor, and could also see the occasional actor paying a fine as high as $50. One official who works for the polling location visited by Justin Timberlake is outraged by the accusations, and says that the musician should be celebrated for encouraging fans to get out and vote, not prosecuted.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange