Buried within a Deadline Hollywood story, which mainly dealt with Justin Timberlake and Elton John denying they have been offered a job as an American Idol, comes some intriguing film news. The site reported that Justin Timberlake has also been offered the lead role in the sci-fi film I'm.mortal.

We reported a few weeks back that actress Amanda Seyfried had won a lead role in the film and it seems Timberlake has been offered the other lead. The story takes place in a future where the aging gene has been eliminated and immortality is granted to those who can afford it, with "time" essentially becoming society's currency. Seyfried's character gets taken hostage by what would be Timberlake's character, who murdered a man for his "time" and goes on the run.

Andrew Niccol is directing the film from his own script and it was previously said that the director is seeking actors in their mid-20s for the film. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further developments on the casting of I'm.mortal as soon as we have more information.