The three stars of Kangaroo Jack, and that even includes the computer-animated kangaroo, reunited this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, nearly 17 years after the classic comedy was released in 2003. Directed by David McNally, the movie stars Anthony Anderson and Jerry O'Connell as a pair of best friends from New York who wind up chasing a kangaroo in Australia after it hops off with a large amount of mobster money they've been tasked to deliver. While Kangaroo Jack was a box office success and later developed a bit of a cult following, critics were not impressed at the time, universally panning the movie.

This week, Josh Gad hosted an online The Goonies cast reunion which even included an appearance from Steven Spielberg. Feeling inspired by the Goonies reunion, Kimmel wanted to give America the cast reunion they're really been "clamoring for." As Anderson joined Kimmel for Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a scheduled interview, Kimmel took the opportunity to surprise the black-ish star with a special appearance from Anderson's Kangaroo Jack co-star, and O'Connell joined the show as well via webcam. You can watch the entertaining reunion below.

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Clearly, Anthony Anderson and Jerry O'Connell seem very happy to see each other again, even if it's just through a video call. Speaking outdoors in a place he calls the end of his driveway, O'Connell says he had to come outside for the interview as the house was just too noisy.. "My dopey children will not get off that Tik Tok, even though I am on JKL reunited with my man Anthony from the best movie ever made," O'Connell states. Anderson takes the opportunity to joke about how much his Kangaroo Jack co-star had been paid by producer Jerry Bruckheimer, noticing the "driveway" looks more like a park.

Of course, no Kangaroo Jack reunion could really be complete without the kangaroo, but Kimmel had fortunately thought of that as well. Through another webcam, we can see a computer-animated kangaroo joining the video call with the others, wearing the same trademark shades and red Brooklyn hoodie he had in the original movie. Anthony Anderson appears very stoked to see the kangaroo, though O'Connell apparently had a bone to pick with the CGI animal. "Why haven't you called us?" O'Connell sternly asks. He adds: "That kangaroo used to come out and party with us, I don't know what happened."

While Kangaroo Jack didn't light the world on fire upon its release, it did manage to get an animated sequel in 2004, though neither Anderson nor O'Connell returned to voice their characters. As the movie is nearly 17 years old at this point, it really seemed like we'd never see Anderson, O'Connell, and the kangaroo ever on the same screen again. Fortunately, Kimmel saw a golden opportunity and took it. It's certainly a fun reunion, but I still wouldn't bet on seeing Kangaroo Jack 3 going into production anytime soon. The clip of the Kangaroo Jack cast reunion comes to us from Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube.