Kanye West partnered with Yeezy and Adidas to raise $500,000 for California wildfire relief. West's wife Kim Kardashian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to reveal the news and presented a firefighter with a $100,000 check for saving his neighbor's homes while his burned down. Areas in Northern and Southern California have been devastated by wildfires over the last few weeks, which have caused immense damage and resulted in deaths. President Trump was in California over this past weekend to survey the damage in Paradise, noting that the fire was a "really, really bad one."

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's home was nearly destroyed by the Woolsey Fire, and probably would have been, had they not hired a private group of firemen to come out and help save their home. Additionally, they helped to save their entire neighborhood with the combined forces of the Los Angeles Fire Department and the private fire fighters. This led West to spring into action and try to figure out a way to help the wildfire relief for the state of California. After all was said and done, West, Adidas, and Yeezy came up with $500,000.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show welcomed Kim Kardashian to talk about her makeup line and had her stay to announce that Kanye West had come up with a huge donation for the California wildfire relief. Kardashian presented a $200,000 check to the California Community Foundation's Wildfire Relief Fund and a $200,000 check to the California Fire Foundation. The remaining $100,000 was presented to firefighter Michael Williams, who helped to fight the Woolsey Fire as his own home was destroyed. Williams and his wife were shocked when Kardashian gave them their check.

Kanye West has been in the giving mood lately. Just last week, he donated $150,000 to raise money for the funeral of 26-year old Jemel Roberson, who was shot and killed by Chicago police. Roberson was a security guard and had a shooting suspect in custody when police arrived. However, when police came on the scene, they shot Roberson for not putting his weapon down. Roberson had just broken up a bar shooting, and is considered to be a hero. According to witnesses, people were trying to tell the police officers that Roberson was a security guard, but it was too late.

Kanye West has also been in the news a lot over the last handful of months, mostly for publicly supporting President Donald Trump. However, after severe backlash, the rapper has denounced his former political ties, claiming that people were trying to use him, and announced that he has stepped out of the political game for the time being. Since then, West has been focusing on music and philanthropic endeavors. You can watch Kim Kardashian present the money to the different organizations below, thanks to the Ellen Show YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick