Kanye West has ended his short-lived potential bid for the 2020 presidency. This, according to Steve Kramer, who had been hired to help get the rapper and mogul on the ballot. In a recent interview, Kramer revealed that West has indeed dropped out of the race. Here's what Kramer had to say about it.

"He's out... I'll let you know what I know once I get all our stuff canceled We had over 180 people out there today."

Steve Kramer is a get-out-the-vote specialist who had been tapped to help get Kanye West on the ballot in Florida and South Carolina. West's late addition to the race, which was initially announced on July 4, presented many challenges, as the deadline to get on the ballot had already passed in many states. However, according to Kramer, West had quite a bit of support.

"We had overwhelming support to get him on the ballot. Whether anybody is going to vote for him or not is up to them... They got a lot of people who they've got both on their volunteer side and their contracted side."

Should he have moved forward, Kanye West would have been running as a third-party candidate against incumbent Donald Trump and the presumptive Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden. To say it would have been an uphill battle would be an understatement. That said, the report made it clear that West, at least for a brief, fleeting moment, was quite serious. West has yet to address dropping out of the race publicly.

The short-lived run from Kanye West was, at the very least, memorable. The Grammy-winner's motives were questioned, and many wondered whether this was genuine. But West made it clear that he fully intended on making a bid for the White House. West even said that he would base his presidency on Wakanda, the fictional nation from the Marvel universe, as seen in Black Panther. Meanwhile, a TMZ report released days after West's announcement stated that his family was concerned he was having a bipolar episode.

Kanye West had even chosen a running mate. Michelle Tidball, a preacher from Wyoming, would have been on the ticket with him. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has yet to announce a running mate, but recently revealed he is narrowing in on his choice. West recently posted a video to his Twitter account showing himself registering to vote in Cody, Wyoming. In the video, West said, "I want to show you how I just registered to vote." He also included a voter registration link.

Even if Kanye West reversed course at this point, gaining entry on the ballot would be nearly impossible. While a 2020 White House bid seems to be out of the question either way, there is nothing that would prevent West from having another go at it in 2024. This news comes to us via New York Magazine.

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Ryan Scott