Kanye West is in a small bit of trouble. His Star Wars inspired low income homes could get the wrecking ball treatment. As it turns out, the rapper/producer didn't get any of the necessary permits before building the prototypes on the 300 acres of land he purchased in Calabasas, California. West is trying to bridge the gap between the wealthy and lower income families with his new dome structures, which are based on the homes seen in A New Hope on the fictional desert planet of Tatooine, and could be used to house the homeless in America.

The neighbors surrounding the 300 acres of land that Kanye West bought are not into all of the noise that the Star Wars inspired homes are creating. So, complaints have been made, which brought out the L.A. County Department of Public Works on two occasions. The first time they came out, workers told them that the domes were all temporary. However, on the second visit, also due to noise concerns, the domes were placed on concrete slabs that would typically be used for homes that weren't going anywhere.

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The L.A. County Department of Public Works then decided to tell Kanye West and crew that they have 45 days to secure the proper permits. If not, the city will go in and tear the new age structures down, which will cause a lot more noise for the neighbors. According to sources, West and crew are planning to get the proper permits, though they maintain that the structures are only prototypes and will be either moved or torn down after West unveils his idea to the world. The concrete slabs were only used to ensure safety, apparently.

Kanye West's Star Wars inspired homes are a way of changing the world, according to the rapper/producer. He intends to revolutionize low income housing and the way the rich and poor live together. He hasn't said specifically how these new homes will do so, but that is his ultimate plan, along with starting his own community, which seems almost cult-like when thought about further. However, West doesn't seem like he wants to do anything religious and he more than likely just wants to start selling more shoes and other overpriced clothing goods to his fans who seem to purchase just about anything he puts up for sale.

The Sci-fi domes for the underprivileged will probably survive, much to the displeasure of Kanye West's neighbors. With that being said, we still have yet to truly see West's vision for the project, which is characteristically over the top and kind of crazy. Just don't tell West that, he hates the word "crazy." Whatever the case may be, all permits and building plans must be submitted to the L.A. County Department of Public Works by September 15th. We'll just have to wait and see if West and crew submit all of the correct documentation. TMZ was the first to break the news on Kanye West's Star Wars inspired homes possibly being torn down.