Kanye West is making Star Wars inspired low-income housing. No, this isn't a joke. West currently has a team who are busy designing the affordable prefabricated housing with a galaxy far, far away in mind, and he already has some prototypes built. The producer/rapper/clothing designer always has his hands in something new and right now, he feels like giving back to those who are less fortunate and who might at the same time be huge fans of Star Wars.

As for how Kanye West is incorporating Star Wars into the low-income housing market, he's looking to Luke Skywalker's childhood home of Tatooine for guidance. The prefabricated structures will have a dome-like look and West is pretty happy with the results, according to a new interview. As for the physical prototypes, they apparently look like "the skeletons of wooden spaceships," which sounds pretty awesome for anybody who is in love with George Lucas' creations. West does not have a timeframe for when he will be officially announcing his Star Wars-themed low-income housing units, or where they will be made available.

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Kanye West is also toying with the idea of the Star Wars prefabricated homes being used to house the homeless. The rapper has ideas that some of the structures can be sunken into the ground with natural light coming in through the top. West clearly has his mind set on helping out others at this point in his long career. He has been known for doing some pretty outlandish things in the past, which he is fully aware of, but this new focus on those in need may prove to be a new beginning for the artist.

2015 was a big year for Kanye West. He started new clothing designs and sold them during his Life of Pablo tour, which was a brand-new concert experience. Instead of performing on a traditional stage, the rapper played on a stage that floated above the audience and glided across the arena. Those in even the cheapest seats were given front row views, while the audience on the floor were treated to a huge dance party with West coming down to say hello a few times when his unique stage dipped down. So, Star Wars housing ideas just come naturally to him.

When someone has ideas that challenge the norm, they are usually laughed at. Kanye West making Star Wars-themed low-income housing is certainly something that many will snicker about, which is understandable because it sounds crazy, which is a word West is not fond of. But, what if the artist is able to pull this whole thing off? There might be a lot of people with money who are going to be looking to purchase one of these Star Wars prefabricated houses just because West had something to do with it, much like his shoes and clothing. Regardless, West is trying to do something positive at this stage in the game. The interview with Kanye West was originally conducted by Forbes.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick