Daiy Scarlett: Semper Occultus: According to Coming Soon!, talks are underway with Kate Beckinsale (Underworld, Van Helsing) to take the lead role in Daisy Scarlett: Semper Occultus, with the project written for her originally, though it went to a number of actresses before landing with the intended - Geri Halliwell, Kelly Brook and Minnie Driver have all been linked to the movie.

The film, dubbed a 'female Bond', is written by Ben Trebilcook (the acclaimed "Die Hardest" spec), directed by Michael Hurst (New Blood, Baby Juice Express) and produced by Trebilcook, Nick Moran and Mark Thomas and a major production company.

Jet Li is attached to the project, as well as several other high profile yet undisclosed acting talent. Newcomer, Iris Bahr ("Friends", "Planet America") is flying out to France to meet Trebilcook and Hurst next month to discuss her taking on one of the villainous roles in the film, Special Agent Josephine Mackenna, formerly linked to Madonna and Jennifer Aniston.

The action spy thriller is set in London, South Africa and Paris and will be promoting in Cannes in May.