Sources across the internet have differed over whether or not Katee Sackhoff, who played Sarah Corvus on Bionic Woman, intends to return to the show, and whether or not she has personal problems with Michelle Ryan, the show's lead. Talking to TV Guide, Sackhoff set the record straight.

"I have no plans to leave Bionic Woman, and Michelle Ryan is doing a great job," Sackhoff says. "There's not one ounce of bad blood between us."

The character of Sarah Corvus, the original bionic woman, overshadowed Ryan in her first few appearances, and many fans thought she made a stronger character than Jamie Sommers. Sackhoff, however, insists that at a recent convention she said nothing insulting about either the show or Ryan.

The meeting between Sackhoff and the show's producers was to discuss her involvement with the show - not because she was unhappy with the show but because of her prior commitment to Battlestar Galactica. (Before the strike, Sackhoff was slated for seven episodes.) Sackhoff says that she's "contractually obligated to a six-year deal" on Bionic Woman, and says she would be "happy as a clam to stay that long." Sackhoff says, "It's fun and it's a physical role, and god knows that's what I love to do."

Sackhoff's availability aside, NBC still hasn't ordered additional episodes of Bionic Woman, meaning that the episode which aired on November 28 may be the series finale for the show.