Katherine McPhee is continuing her acting streaking. According to MTV, after she finishes filming the Anna Faris comedy I Know What Boys Like, she will take the lead role in the film Success.

McPhee stated about the drama, "It's darker, it's definitely hard to explain, but a specific style...[The 'Success' script] has great writing and definitely quirky characters, really well-developed characters."

She continued, saying, "I can't really give away too much, because I don't know who's attached to it yet. They've made offers to the other big parts. I'm just really excited about it, because I think it's an interesting script. I play this sweet, nice girl who gets the attention of this guy. She's cool; she's the cool chick. And then there's this other female character, and [it becomes] very complicated. It's one of those interesting indie films."

Success starts shooting this November.