There are still rumors that Kathleen Kennedy will be exiting Lucasfilm after the failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story and a popular replacement was said to be Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. However, that rumor has now been proven false. The original rumor stated that although Kennedy was able to turn the Star Wars franchise around into a cultural force, the failure of Solo marks the end of her days at Lucasfilm. The original report also stated that she could depart as early as this September.

According to Deadline, Kathleen Kennedy is not stepping down from Lucasfilm and she is definitely not going to be replaced by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. This should be pretty obvious to anybody who knows just how busy Feige is with the crazy number of projects that are coming down the pipeline for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while there are still reports floating around that Kennedy will step down, nothing has been confirmed by anybody official at this time.

After the disappointing box office performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story, negative fans were looking for a place to point the finger, and Kathleen Kennedy was the perfect target. The Last Jedi has brought up a new troll Star Wars fan that hates everything, especially anything that has happened under the leadership of Kennedy, so when Solo tanked, even after the firing of Chris Miller and Phil Lord last summer, many blame the Lucasfilm president. Rogue One has also been looked back upon as a commercial failure as well, fueling these new rumors even more.

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Ever since the rumor of Kathleen Kennedy stepping down from Lucasfilm began to spread, new articles have come out bashing her work with Disney. One specific article blames Kennedy and the female writers for making "garbage" Star Wars movies and claims that the team is "woke," and they don't care about what the fans want. However, it should be noted that the article was written by a former writer for Breitbart who is just looking to fuel some more of these new trolls, while claiming that he is not. This is how these rumors keep spreading. Of course, this is all a matter of opinion and some of the opinions ring true for many fans.

While it could be true that Kathleen Kennedy might step down in the fall, is she really to blame for the box office failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story? It's possible, but why would she leave before Star Wars 9 comes out? The main point is that these are all unconfirmed rumors that are being fueled by negativity, much like Zack Snyder's exit from the DCEU. While fans complained about Snyder's movies, they're now looked back at through rose-tinted glasses and fans are eagerly awaiting any news that they can about his mythical cut of Justice League. If Kennedy does end up stepping down, she could gain the same fate of so-called fans wanting to go back to the good ol' days. This report originated from Deadline.

Kevin Burwick