For every fan who adored The Last Jedi there'll be a fan who thinks it was the first sign of the apocalypse. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the big boss of Star Wars, Kathleen Kennedy is a big fan of both the movie and the man behind the camera, director Rian Johnson. She may even be the biggest fan of this penultimate sequel.

No doubt wondering when she will have to stop jumping to the film's defense, Kathleen Kennedy has communicated again how much she loves The Last Jedi, and has even attempted to explain why some fans may have slightly misunderstood it.

"I mean, I love what Rian did. It's an absolutely wonderful movie. I think he's an extraordinary filmmaker. And I really appreciated the bold moves that he did make. I think people forget that, especially when you're doing a trilogy structure, the first movie is setting things up, the second is usually the conflict, and the third is the resolution.

So you're bound to have that second movie, much the same way Empire Strikes Back was probably the darkest and most dramatic of the three. We talked about it with Indiana Jones! You know, we did Raiders of the Ark and then we did Temple of Doom, which was dark and created a lot of controversy, and people were surprised at where it went with the storytelling, but, frankly, that's the whole point!"

Her adoration for the film is quite clear, as is her admiration for Rian Johnson and his desire to take the Star Wars films in a slightly different direction. She even goes on to compare the Disney trilogy to the Indiana Jones films, which is sure to cause a fair few fans to roll their eyes, as well as downright infuriate others.

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Speaking of furious fans, it will either irk or delight them to hear that Kennedy and her team do listen to the feedback, and even consider the fans to be the custodians of the story.

"I love that we have these amazingly passionate fans who care so much. And I know sometimes they may think we don't listen, but we do, and I thought it was fantastic that people got that engaged. It just showed me and everybody else how much they care. And that's important for all of us that are doing this. We really look at them as the custodians of this story as much as [we are]. We look at it as kind of a partnership."

Whether Kennedy will soon have to step up and defend the conclusion to the newest trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, remains to be seen. This ninth installment to the Skywalker saga will see the Resistance face the First Order once more, and bring to an end the ancient conflict between the Jedi and the Sith. We can all be judge, jury and, if necessary, executioner when the film hits theaters on December 19. This news comes from The Rolling Stone.

Jon Fuge at Movieweb
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