The actress talks about Peggy Hill and the new episodes coming up

Kathy Najimy might not be someone you'd recognize on the street... but you might recognize one of her voices. Najimy has been the voice of matriarch Peggy Hill on Fox's hit animated series King of the Hill for the past 11 years and more, since Fox recently picked up the series for another season. I was in on a conference call with Najimy to talk about the new episodes of King of the Hill and Mother's Day. Here's what the actress had to say.

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Have you ever met anyone that's close to Peggy Hill? Are there any Peggy Hill's in your life?

Kathy Najimy: Wow. Yeah, absolutely. Haven't you met so many people, you're at a party and you're discussing something and they add a bit of information and everybody is so completely aware that it's wrong? It's amusing for that moment, isn't it? Anybody who has kids, as they gather information and spew it back it to you, it's always wildly entertaining. My daughter once looked at me and made a big proclamation that God blessed her (Laughs). You just shake your head and go, 'Really? Wow, that's interesting. I've never heard that.' I think they get excited about information coming into their head. I think that's a lot like Peggy, right? She gets some information and she's so excited to let it out that she doesn't bother to make sure it's anywhere near correct.

What have you learned about Peggy over the last 11 years?

Kathy Najimy: That's a really good question. I have learned, actually, quite a bit from her. I've learned that a family can have little glitches without being labeled dysfunctional. Just watching it and being a part of the Hill family, they get into these little scuffles and they make wrong decisions and then the next moment they're all sitting around the table eating pork chops like nothing ever happened. It's just a lovely metaphor for "forgive and forget." (Laughs) I think that, at the core of this family, that there is a real respect and that is really moving, and funny. I think these everyday situations that the writers come up with, that's why the show has been on for so long.

Do you play Boggle in your spare time?

Kathy Najimy: I play Boggle constantly! I have no idea how they knew that, because I came, I think it was the third episode ever, 12 years ago, and I read that Peggy was a Boggle champion and I almost stepped out of my skin with excitement. I think Boggle is my favorite game. This summer we were lucky enough to be at the beach all summer and I played more with Boggle than with my kid. I love it, a lot.

What can you tell me about WALL-E? Who do you play?

Kathy Najimy: I play a character named Mary and I actually haven't seen the movie. I'm seeing it on the 20th. I was so honored to do it. When my agent called and said Pixar, I said yes right away. I know there are not a lot of characters. I think there are 5 human characters. It's a combination and a little tiny bit of live-action. It's really, very ahead of its time. I can't wait.

With Mother's Day coming up, who do you think Peggy Hill would pick as the top TV moms of all time, and why?

Kathy Najimy: Oh, Peggy Hill? She would pick Peggy Hill as the top TV mom of all time. You mean, of living people?