Katie Holmes and Chace Crawford have signed on for the starring roles in the comedy-romance Responsible Adults, written by Alex Schemmer.

Jon Poll, the director of Charlie Bartlett and a producer/ editor of Dinner for Schmucks will direct. Michael Roiff (Serious Moonlight, Waitress s) from Night & Day Pictures is producing with Julie Yorn (Unstoppable, Bride Wars, Red Riding Hood). Myriad Pictures is pre-selling international rights in Cannes this week.

Katie Holmes plays 30-year-old-med student Liz Quinn, who meets charming 22-year-old Baxter Wood (Chace Crawford). Their chemistry is electric until she realizes they have already met - she was his babysitter 15 years ago. But Baxter isn't going to give up that easily on the one person he always felt knew him better than anyone else.

Kirk D'Amico, Myriad Pictures CEO said, "We look forward to working with Michael Roiff again and with Julie Yorn. The script is very funny. Katie Holmes and Chace Crawford are appealing actors around the world. And Jon Poll is a terrific filmmaker. We are really pleased to help bring Responsible Adults to the big screen."

Producer Michael Roiff echoes the sentiment. "We had an incredible experience with Myriad on Serious Moonlight and I'm ecstatic to partner again with Kirk D'Amico. Julie Yorn and I are both so pleased we were able to make the deal in time for Cannes." He went on to praise his director as well. "Jon Poll is unbelievably funny and has incredible commercial sensibilities," he said. "Jon Poll's been a producer and/or editor on a number of huge hits including Dinner for Schmucks."

Michael Roiff describes how the project came to be. "Alex Schemmer and I went to Harvard together and acted in the Hasty Pudding Show. He asked me to read his script and my whole office flipped for it. One thing led to another, we attached Jon Poll and then partnered with Julie Yorn. Now we've added Katie Holmes, Chace Crawford and Myriad - a fantastic team - the next stop is making this film a reality."

Responsible Adults is Alex Schemmer's first screenplay. He is also an actor who appears regularly on numerous television series.

Casting is underway for other supporting characters. Responsible Adults is currently scheduled to start principal photography in the fall in Los Angeles.