Katt Williams has found himself in legal trouble once again. The comedian allegedly assaulted a private driver after an apparent argument about transporting his dog. Williams proceeded to leave in another car, but was later found by Portland, Oregon police, who arrested him for an out-of-state warrant from Georgia. Williams was arrested at the Portland airport and was on his way to Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out comedy improv show Friday night. As of Sunday evening, the comedian was still behind bars and waiting for his arraignment, which is scheduled for today.

The town car driver reportedly had swelling and cuts on his face and was treated at a hospital, according to Portland police. Katt Williams recently won the Creative Arts Emmy for his guest appearance on the TV series Atlanta, and many believed that the comedian was turning over a new leaf, especially since he hadn't been arrested in a little over two years. Williams has been arrested over a dozen times since 2006 for various crimes ranging from assault to theft.

Katt Williams was arrested four times in 2016 alone. In February of 2016, the troubled comedian was arrested for allegedly assaulting a clerk at a swimming-pool store. In late April of 2016, Williams was arrested yet again for assault after he threw a saltshaker at the manager of Spondivits, a local restaurant, which resulted in a busted lip. Late July of 2016 saw another arrest, but this time in Sherman Oaks, California for an altercation with a woman. Williams was last arrested in September of 2016 for second-degree criminal damage to property, after having turned himself in on a warrant for failing to appear in court for another allegation in February of 2016.

Katt Williams was born in Ohio, but later moved to Florida after emancipating himself from his parents at the age of 13. He survived as a street vendor and then started getting into stand-up comedy. By the age of 27, Williams had already made a name for himself and his career started to really take off. His first comedy special was in 2006 and entitled Katt Williams: Live: Let a Playa Play. From there, Williams did his first HBO stand-up special, which was 2006's The Pimp Chronicles, Pt. 1.

Kevin Hart recently teared into Katt Williams after he launched into a tirade about Tiffany Haddish not "earning her stripes" as a comedian. Hart and Haddish are currently starring in the comedy Night School. Williams doesn't believe that Haddish has been in the game long enough to receive the success that she has accumulated over the past few years. Williams shot back at Hart, claiming that he only brought the matter up publicly to create publicity for Night School. Whatever the case may be, Williams is in legal trouble again. Hopefully he's able to get it together after this latest stint in jail. CBS News was the first to report about the incident.