Kavalier & Clay: Following up a post by both Dark Horizons and our own Lee Foster through his DevHellopment page, we've got news that Paramount Pictures does in fact have the rights to turn the Pulitzer Prize winning book into a feature, and that director Sydney Pollack has indeed signed on, though the casting in only in the "wish-list" stage.

Norton: As I reported last week, we got word that Edward Norton was in talks to join Mark Wahlberg in The Italian Job for Paramount Pictures and director F. Gary Gray. Paramount announced tonight that Norton has, in fact, signed on to the heist film. Norton worked for Paramount on his first film Primal Fear, and was recently in the studio's film The Score, which also starred Robert DeNiro and Marlon Brando.

Dreamworks: Aardman and Dreamworks are teaming up once again after their successful collaboration with Chicken Run. The studio is making Flushed Away,

a claymation feature about a posh British rat that lives with a well to do family in London. The rat is flushed into the nasty London sewer system, and while plotting his return to high society, falls in love with his new surroundings and new friends.

Thanks to: The Hollywood Reporter

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