Acoording to Variety, British director Tony Kaye, who became persona non grata in Hollywood after waging war with New Line over American History X, is set to helm indie thriller Paranoia.

Paranoia concerns a top ad agency exec who comes to work on a Friday only to learn it's actually Sunday and she's a suspect in a murder case. She tries to reconstruct the two lost days from clues found in her handbag, with the storyline culminating in a "Sixth Sense"-like twist.

Jon Land, who penned the upcoming teen comedy Dirty Deeds, wrote the screenplay for Paranoia, based on an original story developed by Shane.

Kaye made showbiz history in 1998 when losing control over the final cut of "X." He alienated studios with a series of publicity stunts, such as insisting his name be taken off and replaced with "Humpty Dumpty." He also took out a series of blistering newspaper ads and showed up at New Line with a rabbi, a priest and a Buddhist monk.

In 2002, a contrite Kaye said his actions were the result of being intimidated by the studio system, and that he became an "emotional cripple" during the filming of "X."

Recently, Kaye signed on for Reaper, for Canada's Media 8 Entertainment and Circle Of Confusion.