A photo of Keanu Reeves and Dolly Parton has gone viral, leading Alex Winter to joke that he's been replaced in Bill & Ted 3. Reeves long ago revealed that his mother created the bunny costume that Parton is wearing on the cover of Playboy magazine from 1978, which is an iconic photo. Reeves also revealed that when he was 19-years old, he wore the costume for Halloween and Parton got a pretty good laugh out of that.

While the picture of Dolly Parton and Keanu Reeves is spreading around the internet, Alex Winter is worried about his role in Bill & Ted 3. The Bill S. Preston actor retweeted the image and said, "This is a crummy way to find out I was recast." Winter is joking around and Parton is not going to be the next Bill in the highly anticipated sequel, though it would make for a pretty amazing twist. Who knows, maybe now that Keanu Reeves and Dolly Parton are friendly, she'll have a role in Bill & Ted 3.

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As for Bill & Ted 3, Alex Winter gave us an update back in November. The actor stated that the movie is still officially happening and that they were in the pre-prep stage at that time. Winter went on to say that the long-talked about sequel is aiming to begin filming this year, which we all hope happens to be true. There has been a lot of talk about Bill & Ted 3 over the past few years, but it appears that we are now closer to seeing it become a reality than ever before.

When Keanu Reeves isn't on talk shows and posing for pictures with Dolly Parton, he's the master assassin John Wick. Some fans on social media joked that Reeves is almost cracking a smile in the picture, which takes away from his badass on screen persona. The trailer for John Wick 3 was released earlier this week and fans of the franchise have been loving every second of it. Reeves is far from Bill & Ted 3 territory, riding horses, motorcycles, and violently taking out assassins like it's no big deal.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are very excited about the Bill & Ted 3 story, which sees the characters dealing with the fact that they're middle-aged men now. The two are left to figure out why the future that they were promised never ended up happening. For fans who have been worrying that the third installment will "ruin" the first two movies, Winter believes that the movie actually gets funnier as they continue to age and isn't worried about the legacy since he loves the plot so much. With that being said, Dolly Parton could have thrown a monkey wrench into the whole operation. You can check out the photo of Keanu Reeves and Parton below, thanks to Alex Winter's Twitter account.