Marvel artist Alexander Lozano has imagined Keanu Reeves as Wolverine and Namor the Sub-Mariner. Reeves is someone who seems destined to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe eventually, and we've heard his name thrown about in the rumor mill plenty of times. It feels like an eventuality. While it's entirely unclear when it will happen or who Reeves will portray, Lozano has presented us with a couple of compelling options.

Alexander Lozano has worked with Marvel Comics on books such as Tony Stark: Iron Man, Carnage and Cyclops. Recently, he took to Instagram to share a couple of recent drawings he did, which imagine Keanu Reeves as a couple of characters who will almost certainly appear in the MCU at some point. First up, we see Reeves as Wolverine. The images are sketched in black and white, but it's enough to see that John Wick actor has the grizzled looked needed for the role. Not to mention that he looks pretty cool with the claws out. And he's Canadian, just like Logan.

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Next up we see a similar black and white sketch of Keanu Reeves as Namor. There are some serious Aquaman vibes going on here, which makes sense given that the two characters share many similarities. Royalty to Atlantis. Human father. Oceanic powers. Reeves wears the look well and, again, the grizzled facade really helps here. Alexander Lozano has a personal suggestion, should this ever come to pass. Here's what he had to say in the caption provided with the image.

"Namor! much as i like the 'arrogance' of the submariner running around in green speedos i certainly would love to see keanu in the bad ass black costume as the king of atlantis. #Namor #Submariner #KingofAtlantis #KeanuReeves #Marvel #Lozano #AlexanderLozano."

Wolverine was played memorably by Hugh Jackman for the better part of two decades, starting with the first live-action X-Men movie in 2000. The Australian actor hung up the claws in 2017 following the release of Logan. Cut to 2019 and the rights to the X-Men are now in the hands of Marvel Studios, thanks to the Disney merger with Fox. That means, eventually, Wolverine will be recast within the MCU. Keanu Reeves, for his part, expressed interest in playing the part earlier this year.

As for Namor, he's yet to appear on the big screen in live-action. Yet, that seems destined to change. After all, Aquaman did gross more than $1 billion worldwide. Now would seem like the time to introduce Arthur Curry's Marvel counterpart. Some are convinced a line in Avengers: Endgame hinted at the character's existence in the MCU. There are also rumors floating around that he could show up in either Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Black Panther 2. Either way, should that end up happening, Keanu Reeves seems like a great fit. Be sure to check out the drawings for yourself from Alexander Lozano's Instagram.