Keanu Reeves has gone viral again. However, this time it's not over the upcoming release of John Wick 3, or his role in Toy Story 4, or even over the fact that he's preparing to shoot the long awaited Bill & Ted 3. Instead, the actor had some profound words to offer when asked about what happens when we die. The question is as old as time itself and there are many different beliefs from all over the world, but Reeves has a theory in which everybody can get behind and agree on.

While doing press for John Wick 3: Parabellum, Keanu Reeves stopped by for a chat with Stephen Colbert. Obviously, after talking about the upcoming assassin movie, the questions had to lead back to Bill & Ted 3, and Reeves was asked if he could reveal anything about the movie. The highly anticipated sequel takes place 25 after we last saw our heroes and they are given the task to write the song that saves the universe, and if they don't, life is over as we know it. This prompted Colbert to ask the actor what happens when we die. Reeves thought for a second and then simply says, "I know the ones who love us will miss us."

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Stephen Colbert's crowd took a second to process what Keanu Reeves said while Colbert seemed genuinely touched by the actor's words and a bit surprised. They were laughing at the idea of Bill & Ted Face the Music saving the universe a few seconds before and then Reeves drops a sincere answer to an impossible question. Since the interview, the clip has gone viral, with the internet being just as shocked as Colbert was when he received the answer in real-time.

Keanu Reeves was once photgraphed eating on a park bench by himself, and it launched a thousand sad Keanu memes. It was later learned that he was shooting a movie at the time, but the actor hasn't been without deep tragedy over the course of his life. His former fiancee Jennifer Maria Syme died in a horrible car accident just months after her child with Reeves was stillborn. The baby's death had put a strain on their relationship, and resulted in their breakup just before Syme herself passed away. In 1993, one of his best friends, and My Own Private Idaho actor River Phoenix died from a drug overdose. Later in life, he became the primary caretaker to his sister Kim after she was diagnosed with leukemia. Over the course of her decade-long battle with cancer, he has donated to numerous causes dedicated to curing cancer. Keanu also has his own charity devoted to the cause, but the charity does not bare his name out of respect to his sister.

Keanu Reeves is enjoying quite a bit of extended success as he enters his 50s. He has the mighty John Wick 3 hitting theaters this week. The promotional campaign has been on point, but the franchise has been building for this moment since the first installment. Already, the movie is being hailed as the best chapter in the franchise and it's expected to be the biggest winner at the box office for the debut weekend, which more than likely means it will be the highest grossing installment and could lead to further movies with the kickass assassin returning.

As for Bill & Ted 3, the sequel officially hits theaters next summer. Both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are clearly excited to be returning to their iconic roles after all of this time. Hopefully, the duo will be able to write the song that saves the universe. Otherwise, there will be a lot of people who miss the universe and everything in it. You can watch the interview with Keanu Reeves below, thanks to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert YouTube channel. The impossible question part of the segment pops up at about the 10 minute-mark.