Keanu Reeves is taking on his first role in a TV series, starring in the hour-long action drama Rain for Slingshot Global Media.

Keanu Reeves will produce Rain, which is based on the globetrotting novel series by Barry Eisler. Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, who recently directed Keanu Reeves in the action thriller John Wick, will also produce alongside author Barry Eisler.

The story will follow Keanu Reeves as John Rain, a half-japanese, half-American hitman for hire who makes it look as though his targets have died from natural causes. Rain travels to various different locations around the world to carry out his many jobs, and because of his chosen career, he finds it difficult to let anyone else into his life. The series will be based in part on the novels A Clean Kill in Tokyo, A Lonely Resurrection, Winner Take All, Redemption Games, Extremis, The Killer Ascendant, The Detachment and Graveyard of Memories. The novel series was previously adapted into the 2011 thriller Rain Fall starring Gary Oldman, which saw a direct-to-video release and had a mostly international cast.

Making his first leap into television, Keanu Reeves stated,

"As a huge fan of Barry Eisler's work, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to bring his iconic character and incredible world to life. I'm looking forward to partnering with Slingshot on my first series, and reteaming with Chad Stahelski and David Leitch."

Rain will be the first project set up at Los Angeles based company Slingshot. The production house is dedicated to producing series and limited-run programming for US and global broadcast, cable and on-demand marketplace, working closely with talent in developing the shows.

Said founder of Slingshot David Ellender:

"We are extremely excited to be working on a beloved property with such a talented and hard-working actor as Keanu Reeves. This series will be the launch pad for the company and highlight our talent-focused, quality-based approach within the ever-changing and expanding television space."

Rain will be shopped to various networks very shortly. Writers for the series are currently being sought.