and IF Magazine recently talked to actress Keira Knightley and director Gore Verbinski about the upcoming "Pirates" sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

"I had my first day back [recently], because we had a little bit of a break over the summer. My first day back was being dragged across the deck by an invisible giant squid, invisible because it's being put in by CGI afterwards," Knightley giggled. "So I just spent the entire time pretending that it was tentacles everywhere, and the director was running around going, 'I'm a tentacle, I'm a tentacle.' It takes a little bit of an imagination; I have no idea what it's going to look like, but hopefully it'll be cool." For the stunt work, the actress "had a harness on, and a line running down my leg and coming out the bottom of my boot, and it was on a machine. They cranked the machine and it would just whip me over the floor, it was wicked." The fully-realized beast will attack Knightley as she rides on an ocean vessel in one of the "Pirates" films, due in theaters in the next few years.

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"We're shooting scenes in the third movie without even knowing what the hell we're doing," laughs Verbinski. "We actually have a pretty good second script and the third script is still on the operating table. And we're in triage constantly, everyday. I don't recommend making two movies at once. I think that we're going to get there, but it's just madness. You're like building ships and the ships aren't ready and you have four hundred extras. There's a lot of fun and I think that the second movie is strong and clever and has a lot going on. The third movie we're still working on."

And while Johnny Depp stole the show in the original PIRATES film, Verbinski reveals that they’ve been very cautious not to make it solely the "Jack Sparrow Movie."

"It's tricky," says Verbinski. "You can't just phone that in. We actually have a story that's challenging and compelling and dangerous and he's still the character that gets to weave his way through that story and affect everyone else with his own agenda. But you don't want to make the mistake of going, 'Well, they loved Johnny Depp. Put him in every scene.' You'd then kind of wear that out. You need a very unique take."

The rumor of Keith Richards playing Depp’s dad in the film is still, only a rumor, but it’s something the director would like to make happen.

"We hope so," he says. "We're trying to work out his dates. We all want it to work, but it's his tour dates and his lawyers."

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