It seems one actor is going from a popular vampire series to playing the vengeful god of the sea in a new film project. According to Variety, Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) has signed on for a role in War of the Gods.

The trade reports that Lutz will portray the sea god Poseidon in the film. The film also stars Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke and Freida Pinto. The story follows Theseus (Cavill) who sets out to defeat the older Greek gods to restore balance to mankind. Pinto will play Phaedra, an oracle who joins Theseus on his quest and Rourke will play King Hyperion.

Tarsem Singh will be directing from the most recent script written by Jason Keller. The original script by Charley Parlapanides and Vlas Parlapanides was also rewritten by Christian Gudegast.

Production will begin this April.