Nanny McPhee: According to Sci Fi Wire, Kelly Macdonald told SCI FI Wire that she has joined the cast of Working Title's Nanny McPhee, based on Christianna Brand's out-of-print books in the Nurse Matilda series. The film tells the story of a magical nanny (Emma Thompson) who uses her powers to teach seven naughty kids their lessons.

"I play the maid of the house, and she is just a lovely character," Macdonald said in an interview. "She's very close to the children, and one of the kids is teaching her to read. She stands by them through thick and thin."

With so many children's fantasies being produced in the wake of the Harry Potter movies, Macdonald said that she feels McPhee has an older sensibility. "It's old school," she said. "It could be set in any time. It's a bit of Mary Poppins, and it's really unusual. I've never read anything like it."

Filming begins in April, with Kirk Jones directing from Emma Thompson's script.