Kelly Preston and Jake Weber have both been involved with the hit NBC show Medium in varying degrees, but they both are an intregal part of the show's success. Weber has appeared in every episode of the series as Joe Dubois, while Preston just joined the show three weeks ago and will wrap up her four-episode arc as Meghan Doyle in the season finale, which airs on NBC on Monday, May 12 at 10 PM ET. I was recently in on a conference call with the two actors and here's what they had to say about the finale and more.

I have a question for Kelly. Why do you think Megan would take the risk of flirting with Joe when she knows his wife is a psychic? I mean, is that just callous or what?

Kelly Preston: I think because Megan is not exactly who she says she is. (Creator) Glenn Caron is very good at writing sort of twists and turns, and multi-level characters as he's shown with both Allison and Joe.

You know, the characters are so layered. And with Megan, she's not whom she seems to be. And so knowing that Allison is very psychic and is able to see in the future, I think it doesn't faze Megan because she has certain motives in connecting up with Joe.

Jake Weber: She's a very good liar.

Kelly Preston: Extremely good liar (such) that she keeps sort of pulling him into her web with promise of prosperity and, you know, true realization of his dream. Yet, she is sort of taking him down a slippery path.

So she's calculating. And what I was wondering is - Medium is great because, like I can watch it with my whole family. I was wondering, like is it a show that you were watching before you came on board, like maybe with your family? And then what did they think of you playing this kind of woman?

Kelly Preston: Well I was a huge fan of the show before signing on to it and I, in fact, had told my agent just a few days before Glenn called met that I would be very interested in doing an arc on a show, but I said it had to be a really good show. I felt there were a couple that I was interested in, yet, Medium really, truthfully is my favorite show. And I love it, you know, for so many different reasons. I think Patricia and Jake, and all the actors on it are really, really good - very realistic, very, you know, just multi-layered. And the writing is so strong, as well. And I did - I watched it. My husband loves it as well, but my kids - well at least my youngest, she's a little spooked, I think, so I don't have her watch it. But when I ran into people, every single person I told that I was doing Medium said I love that show. So that was the show.

Jake, how pleased are you that the show was renewed for another season? And building on what we're doing - building to the end of this season, what do you want to see the next year?

Jake Weber: I want to see a healthy Glenn Gordon Caron because this show is all about him. He's the writer and Executive Producer. So the more he's on his game, the better the show is. He has been writing really well in the last year, I think, and I'm real glad that the show got picked up for another year because it's a good show. It's a great job for me. Everybody gets along, enjoys working together. And that environment is hard to find over the long term in this business - and the fact that we've been on for four or five years - well it'll be five years next year and no one has killed anyone else is a good sign in Hollywood.

Kelly, for you - assuming you don't die on Monday night, how interested would you be in returning next season for a few more episodes?

Kelly Preston: Well they've joked about it. You'll see. My character gets pretty wound up pretty succinctly. But, you know, as with a lot of the characters, they can also come back even if they - you know, ultimately she does die of some horrific death. I could also come back and potentially do something. But...

Jake Weber: But the door is certainly open for you coming back next year. I mean...

Kelly Preston: Yeah.

Jake Weber: You don't fall off a cliff or anything.

Kelly Preston: I don't fall off a cliff, but I do do something that's pretty wicked.

Jake, I know you've just got a movie wrap called She Lived. It sounds like a very dark episode of Medium, if I'm not mistaken. What's the basic setup? What do you play?

Jake Weber: I play the father of a teenage gal who has - what does - she has a strange sort of Jacob's Ladder like flashback into - and you don't know if she's crazy or if she is becoming unhinged, or if she's really seeing these visions. And it's kind of a dark psychological thriller in the sort of Jacob's Ladder vein.

Kelly Preston: Ooh.

Jake Weber: I hope it's as good as Jacob's Ladder because I love that movie.

Kelly Preston: Yeah, it was a great film.

Jake, I was wondering, what exactly is your solar power-based invention?

Jake Weber: It's something that Glenn came up with at four in the morning, with - it's some sort of a solar generating system that can take solar power and magnify it or make it more efficient, make it more - so you can more, I guess - what, kilowatts or watt o kills or...

Kelly Preston: You know, those....

Jake Weber: You know, those units of power that we all enjoy and live with. Somehow it makes it more efficient. I'm not sure. I don't think there's an exact science in this. I think this is more of a sort of TV invention than anything that actually has utility.

What are your personal views on this phenomenon or the paranormal in general?

Jake Weber: Well I have more of a philistine, I think, view on this than Kelly. What I don't know would fill a book. That's all I really can say because I really - I know very little about this and I have - I know that people have had sort of paranormal and psychic experiences. I have not. But I'm open to offers.

Kelly Preston: And for me, I just know that, you know, I'm just - spiritually I'm not my body, that I am a spiritual being and I've lived before, and will live again. So any sort of thing in that realm, you know, I know that there are a lot of people who are able to perceive other things. And I think it's very cool.

I've talked to Patricia many times and I know you guys have bonded very strongly. Tell me about how you - when you first met her and how that chemistry took off.

Jake Weber: Oh, I don't know. We just started teasing each other. I think that you need that chemistry on film with somebody who you hate or somebody you really like, you know. If you sort of don't have any strong feelings about them, it gives you - nothing really pops off the screen. And luckily for me, since we've been doing this for four years, you know, it's been - I'm very fond of Patricia and we're kind of like brother and sister, you know. We tease each other and we just always made each other laugh. And, you know, she's gorgeous. She's so easy to just look at and kind of fall in love with, you know. And she's an angel. She really is. She's an extraordinary woman.

Kelly, I wanted to find out what maybe was some of the acting challenges first stepping into the Megan role and what maybe have been some of the ongoing challenges in playing her in this four episode arc for you?

Kelly Preston: I would say just not being as used to the format. They've got - you know, everybody was so welcoming and it's really - you know, Jake was just wonderful and who I thought was a really incredible actor before I joined the team, as well as Patricia, I think, is just brilliant on the show. So I stepped into a really wonderful atmosphere and a crew that really works beautifully and seamlessly together. For me, it was just because of it being a little of a different format where you're getting the pages - you know, you're getting them sort of last minute or - because Glenn rewrites the scenes. And they're always getting better and better. It's just - you don't have as much time to learn them as say I'm used to. And these guys are a lot more used to getting things, you know, with not that much time prior. So I would say that was one of the biggest challenges for me. But it's almost like a muscle where you're exercising it and it's getting stronger, and you're getting more able to do that. But ultimately, I had a really, really great time on the show - even better than expected to.

Jake, I wanted to just get your thoughts on maybe your character's story arc this season which has been terrific so far, and maybe what you enjoyed most about playing your character this season.

Jake Weber: Well I always like it when he works a lot of conflict into the storylines between me and Allison because I think that even people who are just, you know, crazy about each other and have been together forever, and know each other and have worked out a lot of the kinks in their relationship - there's still always going to be conflict. And I think that that's always what I enjoy the most is when there's - and he built in that sort of inherent conflict in that we're all out of money. Nobody had a job and we were kind of at each other because we both were struggling to provide for our family. And my guy's whole identity as a breadwinner was getting challenged. And, you know, he's more practical than she is, so he was more comfortable with her sort of pedaling her wares as a psychic than she, perhaps, was. So I think he set up an environment where there was a lot of potential conflict and that made it fun as an actor to play. It also gives you the make up scenes which are always lovely because they usually take place in bed. And whenever I'm in bed with Patricia Arquette, it's a good day at the office.

Kelly, being a fan of the show and actually, you know, going onto the set, did you discover anything, you know, different than you thought it actually was, you know, from when you were a viewer? Were you surprised by anything?

Kelly Preston: Well the one thing I discovered is my daughter - my eight-year-old daughter, Ella, came to visit the set and she - I toured her around the different sets and the DuBois home. And I know this, and Jake I was going to ask you this - there is not an older daughter bedroom. What up?

Jake Weber: There is.

Kelly Preston: Is there?

Jake Weber: Yeah, but it's built on a - in another wing of the sound stage.

Kelly Preston: Oh, okay. Well that's one thing - I thought hey, hm, there - is it sucked into the little vortex of Medium and I didn't - couldn't find that. No, nothing really that - the sets are all really, you know, just very cool and always fun to take - you've seen the show for years and then you go on the set, even if you're an actor and you're used to this. It's always fun to actually see the actual set because, you know, you're so familiar with them as a viewer.

Jake, do you guys have any, you know, Medium hazing rituals or anything that you guys, you know, practice for guest stars coming on to your show?

Jake Weber: Yes, I spank all the guest stars.

Kelly Preston: Yeah, he claims to have spanked Eric Stoltz, too.

Jake, have you met the real Joe?

Jake Weber: I have.

Did you get any kind of inspiration from him at all, or do you try and separate a little?

Jake Weber: Well, you know, he's a real nice guy. You know, both of those - both Allison and Joe are - you know, they sort of - they're springboards for Glenn Caron's imagination. So they're not sort of directly modeled off them, although their lives are sort of a framework in which he built all those stories. So, you know, we're not actually playing real people. We're just - we're playing people, not those lives - if that makes sense.

Yeah, well they are - from what I can see, they are very big fans of the show and they even get a kick out of some of the things you guys get right that you don't even know about, you know. So as far as what side of the bed you guys sleep on, even the - it's even correct, as he said.

Jake Weber: It is?


Jake Weber: Well that's kind of weird.

Except that the phone is on her side.

Jake Weber: Right.

For obvious reasons.

Jake Weber: Right. Yeah, Patricia just insists on climbing all over me.

Kelly Preston: Yeah.

I think she just likes to do it, yeah.

Kelly Preston: It makes for good TV.

Jake Weber: Makes for a good day at the office, too.

You can catch the Medium season finale on May 12 at 10 PM ET on NBC.