Movie PictureThis week: MOVIE RELATION06.13.02No, I'm not talking about those who name drop their famous relative to gain employment, recognition, or just to get laid. (mainly because I don't have a movie relation to use to get any of the previously stated perks) I'm talking about why we love movies, what it is that makes us obsess over the art form that is film. What, you don't think you're obsessive about film? You're on the Internet, looking at a movie related site, reading my column, for God's sake. Own up to it, you're as big a geek as the rest of us! Come on, let the healing begin!

So what is it that draws us? Is it the storytelling? The action? The drama? The comedy? The escapism of allowing a fictional world to encompass our lives for a few short hours? Sure, it's all those things, and more. In my never humble opinion, a big part of it is the ability to relate to the characters, be it on a realistic or dream level. I'm talking about the movie dealing with the introverted geek who pines over the prom queen, only to find love in the form of his tomboyish best friend. Or the movie about the smart-assed hero who saves the day by breaking the rules, drinking, and sneering into the camera. Or the self-absorbed, high powered business woman who can't find love no matter how hard she tries. Do you see what I'm getting at? It doesn't matter what the film is, we all find something we relate to that draws us in. Personally, I'm a product of many facets of popular culture. In a nut shell, I like to think of myself as a cross between Ferris Beuller, Peter Parker, and Zack Morris (you know, charming, heroic, witty, and good looking). Obviously my relation is on a more realistic level