Would you watch a Marvel movie if it featured Kevin Bacon as a superhero? Now, what if that superhero was nude? And he had one of the infinity stones on his private parts? That's the idea the iconic actor proposes in the latest PSA to come out of Hollywood, which was launched on Mashable. Though, this isn't any average PSA. It's not asking theatergoers to be quiet, or for animal rights, or a proposed march on the nation's capitol. No! Kevin Bacon is asking for more male nudity. Preferably full-frontal nudity.

Kevin Bacon certainly has a bone to pick with Hollywood. He doesn't feel that there are enough male wieners to go around. Yet, there is just so much gratuitous female nudity. Not just in movies, but on television too. He doesn't believe this is fair. Why? Because male actors want to get naked, too. And they simply aren't given the chance.

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Kevin Bacon's PSA seems to be entirely serious. He firmly demands that male actors be allowed to 'free their bacon'! (And by bacon, he means wiener.) He then calls out Game of Thrones for it's lack of swinging male members. There are 3 sex scenes a show...How hard is it to show one or more wieners every couple of minutes? Kevin Bacon then offers to play a naked wizard. He then wonders why Jamie Dornan never shows his junk in Fifty Shades of Grey, offering to take over as Christian Grey. He'll even do the entire movie as just one long close-up of his penis.

Kevin Bacon has never shied away from male frontal nudity. He points out all the times he showed his better side. He first tips his hat to Wild Things, where he was 'super naked'. He calls the experience awesome. And loved the fact that Matt Dillon was there, who saw his wiener. Then he brings up his most notorious nude scene ever, in Hollow Man, where he had an infrared wiener. Kevin Bacon reveals that he has a full frontal nude scene in every contract, yet the studio keeps taking these scenes out. And he even blames the cancelation of The Following on the lack of being able to show his penis.

To help Kevin Bacon out with his campaign, just tweet #FreetheBacon, and become a part of a new movement. The actor also has a new movie coming out this weekend called Cop Car, an indie that has gained a bit of traction because it marks the directorial debut of Jon Watts, who landed the 2017 Spider-Man reboot gig off his work. The delightful throwback thriller follows two good-natured but rebellious young boys who stumble across an abandoned cop car hidden in a secluded glade that they decide to take for a quick joyride. Their bad decision unleashes the ire of the county sheriff and leads to brutal consequences. Does Kevin Bacon show his wiener in Cop Car? It is rated R, so maybe! Take a look at Kevin Bacon's PSA, and then #FreetheBacon! (Well, maybe not if you're at work.)