Kevin Costner is going digital. According to Variety, the actor has decided to produce, finance, and voice the animated series The Explorers Club. The twelve-part series will air on the internet this coming Christmas season.

Costner is hoping to build an audience with the four-minute shorts. If they reach the level of popularity he is expecting, he will turn the animated series into a live-action feature film, which he will star in.

Chris Baird, Jon Baird and Keith Quinn all brainstormed the project. The series is a collection of spooky little stories about a group of Victorian-Ear explorers. Each segment finds them traveling to some dark corner of the map. The first episode is titled A Passage to Shambhala.

The Chiodo Brothers, world renown for their work on Killer Klowns from Outer Space, will be doing the animation. Costner stated, "Each episode is clever and visual, it works as a series, and it has massive potential for the bigscreen. Distribution channels have grown, and as a filmmaker, I was excited by the opportunities to draw an audience into a story in a new way."