Marvel Cinematic Universe stars Chris Evans and Brie Larson are ready to work with Kevin Feige on his Star Wars movie. It was reported earlier this week that Marvel Studios boss Feige is currently developing something for Lucasfilm. One has to wonder when Feige has time to do anything after announcing the crazy amount of projects Marvel Studios currently has in development and ready to hit both the big and small screens. His project has not been officially released, but he already has MCU stars volunteering.

Responding to a post on social media about which MCU stars fans want to see take part in

Kevin Feige's {Star Wars movie, Chris Evans simply said, "Me." The Captain America actor has hung up his shield and is getting ready for life after the MCU. He'll be seen on the big screen next in The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson's upcoming Knives Out, which hits theaters in November. Will Feige choose Evans to come on board his untitled Star Wars project?

Brie Larson is a huge fan of Star Wars and she is not afraid to let people know. When the reports about Kevin Feige's involvement with Lucasfilm started to make the rounds, Larson's name was already attached. Throwing fuel on to the fire, Larson posted a picture of herself while wearing a Jedi robe with a Lightsaber and standing next to C-3PO. "Did someone say Star Wars?!," said Larson in her caption. Obviously, Larson could be throwing fuel on another fire, which is the internet trolls spreading their disapproval across the internet about her possible casting in a Star Wars project.

Both Lucasfilm and Kevin Feige have yet to comment on the subject of a collaboration, but it makes a lot of sense. Feige is also a huge fan of Star Wars and has talked about it a lot over the years. With talks of a new gig, there has been speculation that he might throw in the towel with Marvel Studios to head over to Lucasfilm. While that seems like a possibility, it would be a huge shift for both studios and one can't really see Feige leaving Marvel behind after orchestrating the MCU.

The Star Wars universe is already expanding quite a bit at the moment, though it has slowed down quite a bit. At the end of the year, fans will be able to check out fellow MCU alumni Jon Favreau's live action series The Mandalorian on the Disney+ streaming platform and then J.J. Abrams' The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters a little over a month later. Abrams is closing out the Skywalker saga, which has fans both excited and nervous for the future of the franchise. Whatever the case may be, it will be very interesting to see what someone like Kevin Feige can do in the Star Wars universe.

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