Marvel Studios President and Chief Creative Officer, Kevin Feige, has officially made into the Marvel comic books. From handling all the properties, this time, he got a chance to make an appearance in one of the X-Men comic books. From almost the past two years, since Kevin Feige was promoted to CCO and got control over several Marvel branches including television and publishing besides the film division, the Marvel comic book lore is undergoing severe changes. Under Jonathan Hickman, the writer behind Marvel's hit series Secret Wars, Marvel has been renovating and revitalizing the X-Men stories.

In X-Men #21, X-Men villains and heroes have joined together to form an alliance and have gathered on the island of Krakoa. This month's issues will eventually lead to the Hellfire Gala, where the mutant community will gather with important figures from the human community, showing them the one of a kind unity amongst the two groups. X-Men #21 will see famous figures from real life such as Michael B. Jordan and George R.R. Martin attending the gala. But the most important guest in the gala will be Kevin Feige.

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Kevin Feige's Cameo in X-Men

Kevin Feige X-Men Comic

While the mutants are officially presenting themselves to the world, Cyclops, who has been one of the greatest X-Men members to lead the team, meets someone familiar. It's Kevin Feige. Feige asks Cyclops a really simple question - What's Your Story?

To this, Cyclops gives a long and meaningful answer, in which he reminisce of his learning days with Professor X/Charles Xavier and the changed vision of X-Men with the changing world. He replies with the following quote.

"I was blind, blind to how the world worked... and then I met a man who taught me to see - see how things really were. But the world, you see - the waking world - where we all live... it is a killer of dreams. A destroyer of things you believe in. So what's my story? I'm a dreamer. I'm an X-Man."

While Feige's appearance was more of a surprising cameo, Cyclops' speech sounded more like a statement through which he was trying to make Feige realize the significance of the team and how far both humans and the mutants have come along together. He significantly curse the world they live in as the harsh realities of it has caused the X-Men to drift away from their goal. However, by saying he is a dreamer, he points out that X-Men still fights for the good.

Kevin Feige's Cameo Reflects Stan Lee's Appearances in Marvel Publications

Stan Lee

Kevin Feige is slowly falling in line with Stan Lee, who has had his fair share of cameos in several of Marvel publications, animated series, and of course, all films produced under the banner of Marvel Entertainment or Marvel Studios until his passing. Just like Stan Lee, the founding pioneer of Marvel's successful growth, Feige, who has turned himself into the new Marvel Universe visionary is probably now gearing up his own entrance into the world he his helping create.

Currently, Feige is looking for a way to have the mutants enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And probably, in doing so, he himself entered their world to recruit them. That's obviously impractical but it's a curious way of thinking about it. Feige has confirmed that Marvel Studios is developing a film on Mutants and Deadpool III is already in the pipeline. So, this particular cameo of Feige in an X-Men comic is more of an easter egg to the forthcoming inclusion of the X-Men in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When or how X-Men will enter the MCU is unknown but we can rest assured that both Feige and Cyclops will be active members of the project. Till then, the amusing entrance of Kevin Feige in X-Men #21 before he could architect a way for the team to enter the MCU kind of feels like some inspired writing from Hickman.