With so many people across the globe adhering to self-isolation in an attempt to lessen the impact of the ongoing situation, we are all looking for something lighthearted to either take our minds off of the state of things or to at least poke fun at the strange circumstances we find ourselves in. So, bring on funnyman Kevin Hart who, like the rest of us, is currently remaining indoors. Unlike many of us, he is in a house of 7, which includes 2 dogs. Hart touched base with Ellen DeGeneres recently to talk about all things isolation and, thankfully, he brought his reliable sense of humor to the proceedings.

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or as I now call him, Morgan Freeman’s nephew.

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"I'm sitting here living the dream. Well, let's see. I haven't watched the TV I want to watch because my son rules the household now. I've been pretty much staying in the middle of the living room and do nothing. That's what I've been doing now. I've been performing for my family doing stand-up. I'm working on my set here in the house. I've been bombing a lot. Nobody's laughing.

Sounds like he is having a terrible experience, so far. Not only can the Hollywood star not manage to get any relaxing television time, at least not involving any shows he cares about, but even whilst trying to get some work done things are not going well for Mr. Hart. If you can't even make your own family laugh at a time when entertainment is somewhat limited, then what hope have you really got? Though perhaps his wife and kids are just fed up with his schtick by now.

Hart's comments provide a tongue-in-cheek look at this new way of isolated life that we find ourselves in, as the current circumstances continue to cause disruption to the world at large, bringing many people's lives to a standstill. But, hey, at least some of us are in charge of our own televisions.

Hart's confinement complaints are not just limited to his family however, with the star saying he is in desperate need of some pampering after DeGeneres complimented his hair, much to his astonishment.

"You like it? I'm going grey. You know why I'm going grey? Because my barber's not working."

The whole thing was taped by Ellen's wife Portia De Rossi and also features the A-list actor and the A-list daytime host talking about their dogs, which, of course, Kevin Hart also has some complaints about.

Kevin Hart's jokes bombing when told to his family are the least of the comedian's worries, with the star having had a challenging time of late. Hart was involved in a major car accident last year, with many of his celebrity pals, including Dwayne Johnson, saying that the experience has changed Hart's outlook on things, leading him to adjust his priorities.

Since then he has been spending a lot more time with his family, though one wonders whether their time together in self-isolation will end up being more than enough after hearing about his experience thus far. This comes to us courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres.

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