The WGA strike has put a halt to production of most shows on television, including Bionic Woman. Before the hiatus, Bionic Woman was suffering from declining ratings and rumors that it would be cancelled began circulating immediately, although NBC-Universal has still declined to say if the show would return after the strike or not.

In an interview with The Los Angeles Daily News, actor Kevin Rankin said "The show was getting its feet under it before the strike happened, but I'm not sure if it's coming back," he admitted. "I just don't think it got a fair shake. I'd love to see it come back."

Rankin was cast on Bionic Woman after Jason Katims, who had worked with Rankin on Friday Night Lights, was brought onto the show to try to "fix" the show. "Within a week, he called me up and invited me and offered me the part," Rankin tells. "He said come up and try and instill some humor, and ground it in reality a little bit. I became Nathan, the bionics guy, I work with computers."

Bionic Woman stars British actress Michelle Ryan as Jamie Somers, a bartender who receives the bionic implants from the Berkut group. Working for Berkut, Jamie must learn to act as a secret agent while trying to maintain some semblance of normal life. Miguel Ferrer, Molly Price, Will Yun Lee, Lucy Kate Hale, Katee Sackhoff, Isaiah Washington and Kevin Rankin also appear on the show.