Kevin Smith says Carrie Fisher provided him with the "greatest gift Star Wars ever gave" the filmmaker. The director and actress worked together on 2001's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and remained friends afterwards. To say that Smith is a massive Star Wars fan is putting it very lightly. Smith is very passionate about the things he loves and has no problem shedding tears of joy when discussing these things. However, something Fisher did after his movie ended up offending him.

Carrie Fisher did a Q&A session with her mother Debbie Reynolds where she allegedly "sh*t" on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. A Kevin Smith fan on the View Askew message board alerted the director to the situation, which hurt him. He was angry enough to send Fisher an email. The email said, "'What the f**k, I thought we were buds,' basically. He says her response was the greatest gift Star Wars ever gave him in the process. Kevin Smith explains.

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"She read my email, I guess, she wrote back to me in a relatively timely fashion and she said, 'Oh Kevin, did you fall prey to the internet?' And then she wrote about how like, 'You're like me, you get up on stages, you tell stories, you try to be funny. When you're up there, you say anything if the audience attaches to it and laughs, you go with it. I was just being funny.' She's going, 'You and I are friends, you know how I feel about you, you know what I think about your movie. Why would you let something somebody on the internet said change all of that?'"

The email seemed to ease Kevin Smith's mind, but it was what Carrie Fisher finished her correspondence with him that was the true gift. The internet is full of people who can say whatever they want, whenever they want with little to no consequence. While Fisher may have joked about Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, it wasn't done in a way to hurt Smith. The director had this to say about the greatest gift he ever received from being a fan of Star Wars over the years.

"And then she dropped this truth bomb right in my lap, and I still use this today. Carrie Fisher goes, 'Sometimes you have to spin that microscope around, because the thing you're looking at isn't as big as you think it is.' That came from Carrie Fisher herself. Now she may have just been like 'F**k, he caught me,' but regardless, that is a piece of advice that I still adhere to today."

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back isn't exactly the pinnacle of cinema, so one can understand Carrie Fisher joking about it, much like Kevin Smith often does. The director is often self-deprecating when it comes to his projects. Whatever the case may be, the two of them seemed to have sorted it all out and Smith ended up with some great advice for the rest of this career, which he shared with fellow fans on Star Wars Day.

A lot of people who worked with Carrie Fisher, including J.J. Abrams, Mark Hamill, and Rian Johnson have a lot of similar stories about receiving advice from the late actress. She helped Johnson out a lot while making The Last Jedi, much like she did for George Lucas when approaching her role or addressing the writing of the movies. With that being said, it was nice of Kevin Smith to share the story on Star Wars Day. You can check it out below, thanks to Kevin Smith's YouTube channel.