Kevin Smith is a big fan of just about anything that is comic book or Star Wars related, so which is the director/writer in talks with Disney to direct for? Smith has been a part of nearly every part of the filmmaking process from the making of his debut Clerks to directing episodes of the CW's The Flash. He has even acted, though mostly as Silent Bob, in many of his projects, throwing himself in the middle of things. And when he's not working on movies (or even if he is), he's talking about them.

A new report reveals that Kevin Smith is in talks with Disney to helm a future project and it more than likely is not one of the future live-action remakes for the mega studio. It seems that Smith would be taking on either a Marvel project or something having to do with the Star Wars universe, both being franchises that Smith has a deep love for. The director/writer also has two separate podcasts that are both dedicated to talking about comics and movies including Hollywood Babble-On and his long-running Fat Man on Batman podcast, which means that he has even more insight than you can think of.

Kevin Smith has admitted to crying on more than one occasion during Marvel Cinematic Universe films, which means that he is very passionate about them. Smith suffered a major heart attack at the beginning of the year and one of the biggest things on his mind other than living to be 100-years old was whether he would live to see Infinity War or not. Smith's love of comic books is well known, but wanting to live just to see Infinity War is a pretty good indicator that he would make a good director for a Marvel movie.

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The Star Wars franchise is another thing that Kevin Smith is very passionate about. There's an in-depth conversation about the hired contractors working on the Death Star in 1994's Clerks and Smith was even able to work with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher soon after. It's really hard to think about whether Smith could be working on a Marvel or Star Wars project because he seems perfect for both. However, he has been very outspoken about the latest Star Wars films, often defending some of the more challenging decisions.

Basically, Kevin Smith would be excellent under either Marvel or Star Wars. The thought of Smith taking on such a big movie is more exciting than anything, especially since he seems to have a great understanding of how both franchises work as well as how the fan bases think. Again, Kevin Smith would be a great addition to just about any franchise, but as far as taking on a Marvel or Star Wars project, we'll just have to wait and see how everything pans out in the end. For now, you can read more about Kevin Smith taking on a directing role at Disney over at Fandom Wire.

Kevin Burwick